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Suffolks TGA Successfully Delivers Popular Safe Mobility Scooter Driving Awareness Day

23rd September, 2016

TGA, the UK’s favourite mobility scooter specialist based in Suffolk, has successfully hosted a Safe Mobility Scooter Driving Awareness Day at its Sudbury headquarters – attended by high numbers of locals and BBC Suffolk.

When elderly and disabled people have difficulties walking, owning a reliable mobility scooter is a lifeline. Without independence outdoors they may be housebound and unable to access local amenities, family or friends – highly detrimental to their quality of life. However, despite the invaluable freedom a mobility scooter brings, it is important to remember that safe and considered driving is essential when out and about. TGA has been a trusted supplier of quality mobility products for over 30 years and takes the safety of its customers seriously, hence it has hosted a free driving awareness day at its national independent living showroom.

This fun and friendly event provided the unique opportunity for potential and existing scooter users to discover the latest tips for safer driving. Experienced TGA professionals where on hand to demonstrate proven techniques for tackling everyday obstacles such as crossing roads, slopes and kerbs, reversing and avoiding cars and pedestrians. Aspects of the Highway Code relating to mobility scooters were highlighted and everyone who completed the test track received an informal certificate. By driving around this coned course, under the supervision of supportive TGA representatives, scooter users were able to gain a true understanding of their own capabilities and hence left the event feeling more confident and better informed.

This lively event was supported by several businesses and charities that work with TGA including Motability, Autochair, MS Society (Bury branch) and the Success after Stroke charity. Motability is the popular Government-led leasing scheme that uses part of a disabled person’s Personal Independence Payment to fund a new TGA scooter every three years. Autochair are one of the UK’s leading scooter car boot hoist and vehicle adaption suppliers. BBC Radio Suffolk also attended so they could gather the latest news on safe scooter driving and how TGA continues to support the local community.

Locals driving around the course and Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager, were interviewed by the BBC. Following these recordings Tim said: “It was a pleasure to welcome so many people to our event today as we always aim to give something back to the local community. The support of BBC Suffolk is also appreciated as this really helps spread the word regarding safe scooter driving. We would also like to thank Chris Edwards from Motability and Tom Smith from Autochair for attending our event. It was a gloriously sunny day and our spacious forecourt provided the perfect environment for people to try a variety of quality TGA scooters in total safety. We explained the importance of seeking a face-to-face assessment before selecting a scooter so it is manageable and meets personal lifestyle needs. Today was all about building confidence and raising safety awareness – we believe this was achieved and more. We look forward to introducing more product and service innovations in the future that deliver greater independence, more safety and complete peace of mind.”

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Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager guides another local resident around the fun test track at the TGA mobility scooter safe driving and assessment day, 15 September 2016.