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Sudburys TGA Mobility Donates Rollator To Disabled Swimming Group For Continued Pool Access

15th November, 2017

TGA, the national mobility scooter specialist with a local independent living showroom in Sudbury, has donated a quality rollator to the local Avocet Swimming Club so disabled swimmers can continue accessing the pool.

Avocet Swimming Club is a well-respected local charity that provides accessible swimming every Sunday evening at the Kingfisher centre. It was established in 1986 and currently has around 50 disabled members who enjoy safe and supported swimming. The charity is run by a team of volunteers including Lynne Holt who recently visited the TGA showroom looking for a new walking aid. This rollator was needed to support the club’s members when entering the pool as many find walking a challenge. The provision of a new walking frame was essential for safety around the leisure centre and when entering the water via the pool side slope.

Rachel Elding, TGA Business Development Manager explains: “I met one of the Avocet organisers a couple of weeks ago as she was in our showroom looking for a new assistive rollator for her group of disabled swimmers. We got chatting and she explained they were a charity that provides accessible swimming to a variety of people with restricted mobility. The pool has a beach-style entrance which gives transitional access however some group members still need the support of a walker when entering the water. The ongoing problem was that their current walker was rusty and unusable from regular immersion in water. Hence Lynne’s visit to TGA for a more durable and quality product.”

As TGA is the established local supplier of quality mobility products and regularly supports local charities, Rachel decided to donate a Days rollator to Lynne Holt and the group. When Lynne was offered this product as a gesture of goodwill she was overjoyed. Lynne comments: “On behalf of the charity and all its members I can’t thank TGA enough for this generous gift. It will make such a difference to our swimmers who depend on a frame to walk safely into the water. Rachel has been so helpful in identifying the right model for us so we have peace of mind. This donation will help disabled individuals continue to enjoy the therapeutic and social benefits of swimming.”

For further details regarding Avocet Swimming Club please contact Lynne Holt on: 01787 882021.

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Rachel Elding, TGA Retail Development Manager (right), presents the assistive walker to Avocet organiser Lynne Holt (left) and two disabled swimmers from the Club - Brigitte Casey and Karen Fisher.