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Sharing the Purple Pound

1st October, 2021

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of getting outdoors. I’m not going to be taking up Fell Running or Climbing anytime soon, but living in the glorious Yorkshire countryside, opposite a farm (why yes, I do always wave at tractors), it’s hard to resist the pull of nature – though when it snows, I am somewhat less determined!

Work has been hard (to say the very least), and so I had to take some time off to rebuild myself. I’m very lucky that I have a big car and few home-based responsibilities (Simba the cat is always happy to visit his grandparents and be spoilt rotten), so when I’m not working, I can generally chuck a few bags and my Whill C into the boot and just go. This freedom is not to be scoffed at – after a few days hiding out in a hut in a Scottish field, with no electricity and minimal internet, but my books and knitting, I returned to the Land of the Living refreshed and ready to take on another few weeks at the coalface.

Not wanting to ignore the other part of mainland UK, last weekend I popped over to North Wales as part of my role as Deputy Leader of the Women’s Equality Party. I really enjoyed exploring the lovely town of Mold in Flintshire, though I really wish more of the shops were accessible – so many times I wanted to pop in to support another independent business but I literally couldn’t get in! Given that the ‘Purple Pound’ (the spending power of disabled households in the UK) amounts to £274 BILLION a year, you’d think they’d be welcoming us in with open arms (and tills) – but instead it’s estimated that UK businesses miss out on £2 billion pounds every month by not being accessible. So we’re taking matters into our own hands – my amazing Mum (who also uses a Whill C) has started using her book reviewing platform to share accessible bookshops around the UK, so do check them out and if you’re in the area, pop in and say hello!