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Scottish Whisky Blogger And Photographer Gains Mountainous Independence With Radical Off-Road Vita X Mobility Scooter

6th August, 2018

Geoff Anderson, aged 62 from Dollar and stroke survivor, has taken ownership of a rugged off-road TGA mobility scooter so he can visit distilleries and adventure across the Scottish Central Belt.

Before becoming a full-time Whisky blogger, reviewer, influencer and photographer, Geoff travelled the world working as a consultant within the oil industry. He operated across the globe for over 20 years and accrued millions of air miles visiting multiple sites for clients such as BP. Despite business trips regularly exceeding one month and encompassing many back-to-back flights, Geoff found his job thoroughly rewarded and particularly enjoyed meeting so many varied people. He unfortunately had to take early retirement aged 52 when he experienced a stroke however has continued to remain driven and focused on new challenges. Born in Aberdeen, he is an accomplished writer on the subject of whisky and other spirits and intends to broaden his horizons once more, on a local level, thorough ownership of a rugged off-road mobility scooter.

The TGA Vita X is unlike any other mobility scooter in terms of robust performance and styling. It is a Class 3, 8mph scooter with advanced suspension developed in the motorcycle industry. Only available in black with striking red flashes, this contemporary machine runs on high-grip specialist tyres and strong alloy wheels so challenging terrain can be negotiated safely and with stability. The Vita X has an impressive range of 25 miles and a user weight capacity of 25 stone.

Geoff has invested in a TGA Vita X as his walking capabilities have become quite restricted following his stroke 10 years ago. Geoff can independently explore the many cycle trails and farm tracks nearby which lead into the Ochil Hills – stunning mountainous scenery which he intends to video and photograph on his scooter. Geoff explains: “As the terrain is quite challenging where I live, I need a scooter that can cope and has sufficient torque to climb. I found TGA online and watched a few videos which lead to a test drive of three different scooters at my home. Harry from TGA let me try the Breeze S4, Supersport and Vita S. I preferred the Vita S for stability and when Harry explained there was a version even more rugged, I went for that. I am looking to add to my collection of over 17,000 photographs by attaching camera equipment to the rear cage.”

Geoff will always have a sense of adventure. He plans to see how high he can drive up the Ochils and will be driving to the Deanston distillery 15 miles away in connection with his blogging on Exploring around Dollar castle is also in his diary as well as everyday trips to the shops.

Geoff adds: “The major difference with owning a Vita X is that I am able to go out and see friends and ex-colleagues who I haven’t seen in ages. I’ve always enjoyed meeting folk so this is important to me. This summer continues to be glorious so I have already been out 4-5 times each week. My son has also been ‘repositioning’ it as it looks more like a quad bike than a scooter. When I am out driving my wife follows my progress with my GPS tracker and we Facetime one another as I have fitted a phone holder to the handle bars. I will be posting my video adventures on Youtube and Facebook so more people can see what is possible with a tough scooter such as the Vita X. TGA have been so supportive of me, they are a happy group of people who clearly care about their customers.”



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Geoff Anderson with his new rugged off-road Vita X mobility scooter from TGA.