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  • '"Saying thank you doesn't begin to cover how appreciative I am" - crowdfunded Vita X gives Aidan new lease of life' headline image

"Saying thank you doesn't begin to cover how appreciative I am" - crowdfunded Vita X gives Aidan new lease of life

7th August, 2020

Aidan Law says he is ‘forever indebted’ for the off-road independence he’s been given thanks to a donated Vita X.

Aidan has battled Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since the age of 24 and as an ex-scrambling bike rider and cyclist has always wanted to enjoy off-road adventures. His previous mobility scooters were not able to take Aidan where he wanted to go to relive the thrill of his youth and he has experienced several accidents which have left him with more challenges.

As Aidan’s MS became progressively worse it was clear to his friends that he needed a better scooter to keep him safe. This sparked his neighbours into action to set up a GoFundMe page. “My dear friends over-the-road, Clare and Paul with my son Jack and daughter Claire, had seen I was struggling to go where I wanted so they started fundraising for me,” Aidan says. “I would never ask anyone for money to help however the fact that I have battled MS for over 33 years, which is rare, meant they were determined to help me. I couldn’t believe it; all the money was raised in less than four days!

“My son-in-law contacted TGA and organised a visit so I could have a test drive. I received an assessment and instructions then whizzed it around and drove up a six-inch kerb with no problem. Every wheel stayed on the ground; I couldn’t fault it. ‘That’ll be the one for me’ I said. This scooter would get me over roots and rocks in the woods. It was not what I wanted; it was what I needed.”

Aidan was already aware of the Vita X two years ago when he was shown a photo of the off-road scooter on the internet and found it to be an ideal solution. 

“I think the Vita X is absolutely awesome,” he says. “It lets me have fun which is important as I am not an old man. At my age I am still young at heart and want to go out and have some excitement, such as sliding around in the mud or snow. All my other scooters couldn’t tolerate where I wanted to go. Especially in the winter, I would end up wheel spinning with my wife helping to push me along. What a waste of time they were. I wanted a scooter with decent suspension and chunky tyres.

“However much I like driving to the extreme I only do this when safe and no one is around,” he continues. “I stay sensible when needed such as when we go out with the dogs. We have two golden retrievers Lola and Ava; I tend to take the eldest on the lead when driving the Vita and my wife has our 11-month-old. On my scooter I can go places that I never thought possible again, old routes where I used to cycle. Our regular walks are along the sea wall or woods, there is so much wildlife to see and the villagers work so hard to keep everything looking beautiful.” 

Aidan has a Motability car however it has gone nowhere in the last four months. As he is classed as high risk and his wife is worried to go out, the mobility scooter gives him independence whilst social distancing. “You look at what’s happening in the world and why would you own a car?” he says. “I plug my scooter in and off I go whenever I want… for anything local my scooter does it all.”

“Even a group of young lads said the other day ‘wow, how cool is that scooter?’ when I drove past. That’s exactly the reaction I wanted; I do not want people to see me as an old man on an old-fashioned scooter. I’ve called mine Roadrunner.”

Aidan will never forget the generosity of everyone who donated. “Saying thank you doesn’t begin to cover how appreciative I am,” he concludes. “I cannot believe so many people, who I have never met, donated along with my family, friends and fellow villagers to get me the scooter. To think people value me as much, even complete strangers, is unbelievable. I was so emotional when the total was reached and I was even more of a mess when I drove the Vita X for the first time, I couldn’t stop crying. This scooter has genuinely given me a new pair of legs and a new lease of life.”