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Roy Revs Up Once More To Discover The Delights Of Devon On His New Harley Davidson TGA Mobility Scooter

10th April, 2017

Despite living with walking difficulties and severe asthma, Roy Dyer, 47, from Barnstaple, has been able to fulfil his passion for wildlife photography thanks to his new off-road ‘Harley Davidson’ TGA mobility scooter.

Roy lives near Barnstaple in north Devon and is a highly positive individual and takes each day as it comes. He lives with major breathing challenges and regularly experiences severe asthma attacks, exasperated by only having one working lung. This condition resulted in Roy having to reluctantly take early retirement from his career in welding, manufacturing and engineering which he thoroughly enjoyed. As a flexible character with a ‘go getting’ and ‘put his hand to anything’ attitude, living with restricted freedom is unbearable for Roy. To remain independent, he invested in a mobility scooter a few years ago however it did not have the performance or capabilities to tackle the many rural tracks and trails in picturesque Devon. Roy regularly visited Exmoor however with a new desire to fulfil his passion for photography, he was desperate to reach the more remote areas. This has just become possible with ownership of a new rugged TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

The TGA Supersport is like no other mobility scooter, in fact it doesn’t resemble a mobility scooter at all. Looking more like a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle, the black and chrome 3-wheel Supersport is popular with countryside residents and groups such as the Disabled Ramblers as it has proven off-road performance. It incorporates large wheels for superb traction up hills, robust suspension, a powerful motor and outstanding manoeuvrability – enhanced by an impressive battery range of up to 30 miles. These features mean riders can drive in comfort over grass, gravel and rocky uneven surfaces whilst remaining safe and stable. This instils peace of mind in owners so they feel comfortable venturing further afield especially as the Supersport is renowned for assured reliability. Roy is now taking his scooter, with confidence, into the unknown around Exmoor to photograph the most beautiful wildlife and scenery he can find.

Roy explains: “All my life I have wanted to get into photography but never got round to it. However now my condition is life threating at any point, it is important I get the most out of each day. So I’ve stopped smoking and bought myself a decent camera. Add to this my Supersport scooter and I am now able to go out and photograph whatever wildlife I want; I’ve even had one of my pictures published in a local paper. The next subject matter I am focusing on is the night sky so I’m using my scooter to transport kit into the moors to shoot time lapse pictures after dark, you wouldn’t believe the colours you can capture.”

Roy continues: “I have only had my Supersport a few weeks and I can’t believe where it has taken me already. The first time I took it out the ground was so wet and boggy and it coped admirably with no wheel spin, even up slippery grass slopes, nothing stopped it. My previous large scooter from a different company said it was an off-road model but it wasn’t. The service I received from them was rubbish, dealing with TGA is completely different. My Supersport allows me to continue walking my dog Buster and if my wife comes rambling with me, I carry a deckchair in the rear basket so she can sit and enjoy a picnic with me.”

Roy sums up: “We live in such a lovely part of the world and we really enjoy visiting areas that aren’t familiar to holiday makers – my Supersport makes this possible. We know so many places off the beaten track and as I used to ride horses regularly from my parents farm, being able to drive point-to-point once more is priceless. We see places you would never see in a car or at the tourist hotspots. I’m extremely pleased with my TGA Supersport, it makes sure I make the most of every day.”

Roy Revs Up Once More To Discover The Delights Of Devon On His New Harley Davidson TGA Mobility Scooter   thumbnail 1
Roy Dyers from Barnstaple putting his new rugged TGA Supersport mobility scooter through its paces