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Retired Scottish Farmer, WW2 Veteran and Accomplished Horseman Regains Riding Freedom Thanks To 'Harley Davidson' TGA Mobility Scooter

4th September, 2015

Tim Lucey, 86 from Auchlochan in South Lanarkshire, has been able to continue fulfilling his active and remarkable life through ownership of a 'Harley Davidson' TGA mobility scooter .

Tim was originally born in Hong Kong and his father was an international civil engineer. This meant Tim spend his childhood years living all around the world experiencing different cultures and becoming interested in horses. Following his family's return to the UK, Tim was called up to serve in the Royal Navy as a Radar Mechanic during the Second World War. Following his discharge from the armed services, Tim decided to start a career in farming as at that time, it was impossible to get a place in University to study veterinary science which was his first wish.

Over many years he developed from farm hand through to purchasing and managing three successful farms in Scotland and England. Dairy and subsequently beef farming provided successful foundations for Tim to progress into turkey production with the assistance of his three children. On reaching his 60's and being a firm believer in giving the next generation the reins, Tim gave each son and his daughter a farm and told them to 'sink or swim' - they swam and he became their 'odd job man and general gofer'. During his working life Tim also became a highly skilled horse-rider as his company owned over 250 horses at one stage. He was Master of the local hunt at that time and was a commissioner for the Pony Club. However following retirement, Tim's ability to remain as active has become progressively more difficult. At the age of 86, it was time for him to seek a solution to remain so dynamic - the answer was to be ownership of a 'Harley Davidson' style Supersport scooter.

Tim explains: "As I get older and less mobile, I am determined to remain independent and active. Owning this new mobility scooter is going to enable me to continue accessing the local shops without the need to ask for help. The last thing I want is to be a burden on my children as they are so busy with the family businesses. On my Supersport I now have the ability to once again ride out into the countryside to fulfill my other passion - sketching and painting scenic views, nature and flowers. Previously I had been finding getting up and down off my sketching stool really tricky, however now I have an armchair on my Supersport that swivels easily to face the subject I want to draw. I also run a small art class at my later living apartments so I'm sure I'll be able to gather more subject matter now for my 'students'.'

Living in the Auchlochan retirement village there are mobility scooters of all shapes and sizes, but Tim is always conscious of the admiring looks he gets when he drives past on his TGA Supersport. Tim concludes: "My seven-year-old spaniel 'Spanner' loves my TGA scooter as I can now take him for longer walks. I was aware of TGA before owning this great machine as my late wife had one of their Wheelchair Powerpacks - it was brilliant and so much better than others we tried. It helped me push her everywhere in her wheelchair. My Supersport is equally as robust and I regularly drive the 10-mile round trip to Lesmahagow on my own without the need to drive a car. I like going off-road and exploring the woods too so needed something that was sturdy and reliable. My Supersport is just the job and will help me continue with my zest for life."

Retired Scottish Farmer, WW2 Veteran and Accomplished Horseman Regains Riding Freedom Thanks To 'Harley Davidson' TGA Mobility Scooter thumbnail 1
A proud Mr Lucey on his new 'Harley Davidson' Supersport mobility scooter from TGA.