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Retired farm worker & disabled rambler re-lives youth on TGA 'Harley Davidson' mobility scooter

16th September, 2014

Sue 'daredevil' Raymond, 78 from Pulborough, West Sussex, has continued to challenge herself on rural journeys despite living with limited mobility, thanks to a 'Harley Davidson style' TGA mobility scooter.

Before retiring, Sue was a Milkmaid in the farming sector and was originally from Surrey. After raising three children she moved to West Sussex where in recent years, she has required a mobility scooter to remain mobile outside. Sue had always been fond of the outdoors and a lifelong fan of hill walking until she developed difficulties with her mobility. Several years ago she joined the Disabled Ramblers, a charity that organises and plans countryside rambles for mobility scooter users across the UK. This membership made a huge, positive difference to her life, however her scooter at that time struggled when tight manoeuvering was required along rocky, off-road trails. Her ability to enjoy countryside adventures with fellow Disabled Ramblers was under threat until she discovered the 'Harley Davidson' TGA Supersport.

The Supersport is a 3-wheel, 8mph mobility scooter with black and chrome styling which has been precision engineered to be robust and sturdy. It looks more like a motorcycle than a traditional mobility scooter and is renowned for its off-road capabilities. Its extra traction, stability and performance ensure riders remain safe when tackling countryside tracks and coastal trails, and is a popular choice for Disabled Ramblers. Sue describes the feeling of owning a new Supersport as a 'new lease of life' and explains: "I enjoy riding my Supersport so much. We go everywhere, up hill and down dale, in mud and on stony ground, he has never let me down. People admiring my trusty steed are always stopping me. On one occasion I had my picture taken in the Lake District by a couple that said they had never seen an electric scooter so high up in the Fells. My scooter is named 'Darley' and is such a good-looking chap, he is always receiving admiring glances from people wherever we go. Thank you TGA for making him and giving me such fun in my 78th year of age. Ben Nevis, here we come!"

During the summer Sue has ventured to several rugged parts of the UK on her Supersport. These have included tackling remote Cumbria, tracks around Kentmere Reservoir, the New Forest and the West Wittering shoreline. Sue describes herself as a 'bit of a daredevil' and revels in a challenge when onboard her scooter. She flies a 'Jolly Roger' flag on the rear of her Supersport and has decorated her handlebars with 'biker tassels'.

Sue continues: "As my husband still enjoys hiking, he accompanies me on foot during all my latest expeditions. Recently he had to take his shoes and socks off to paddle through water alongside me as I easily drove through on my TGA scooter. I even went onto a south coast shingle beach with other scooter users to try some skids and 360's. We all knew we might get stuck as scooters are not designed for use on shingle or sand, but it didn't stop us. We had such fun we paddled we were like kids! However sure enough, most riders got stuck and had to be towed out by the coast guard's beach buggy. But not my trusty Supersport - it made it back all on it's own, what a wonderful machine it is."

As a member of the Disabled Ramblers, Sue participates in several of their events across the UK on her Supersport, generally alongside 20 other riders and supporters each time. Ownership of her Supersport resulted from Sue's admiration for the achievements of another fellow Disabled Rambler who also drives a Supersport. Disabled Ramblers pro-actively campaign for improved countryside access by encouraging the removal of inaccessible man-made barriers whilst preserving the character of the natural environment. Currently the association is working in an advisory capacity nationwide with the National Trust and its Rangers to ensure more coastal and off-road tracks are accessible to mobility scooters.

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Sue Raymond, TGA Supersport, Disabled Rambler