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Rescue dog lover with Disability continues essential animal care thanks to 'Harley Davidson' TGA mobility scooter

5th December, 2014

Despite living with a condition called Ehlers-Danlos iii-Hypermobile Type, Michaela Walker, 48 from Rhyl in North Wales, has been able to continue caring for her six rescue dogs and supporting various animal charities thanks to a 'Harley Davidson' style TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

Michaela and her 14-year-old son both have motor co-ordination and walking difficulties due to a heredity condition, however they still live life to the full and continue to care for dogs and injured wild birds. Originally born in London and a trained veterinary nurse, Michaela has lived in North Wales since 2000 and thoroughly enjoys the outdoor rural lifestyle thanks to her Supersport mobility scooter. Without this three-wheel, rugged mobility scooter, Michaela would not be able to regularly walk her six rescue dogs or engage in other worthwhile causes. She also has Arthritis in her neck, spine and wrists so owning a scooter that is easy to control, stable and supportive was absolutely essential. Her Supersport model is renowned for resembling a 'Harley Davidson' motorbike more that a traditional mobility vehicle through its eye-catching black and chrome styling. This 8mph scooter with off-road capabilities, has allowed a passionate and motivated Michaela to continue achieving so much in her life.

Over and above assisting her son, Michaela's activities include support of the Lurcher Link dog fostering service; Royal British Legion, Hypermobility Syndromes Association and "FindingFureverHomes" fundraising, and being a pro-active school governor. Michaela also supports Merlin Rescue and the Dogs Trust.

Michaela said: "My son and I live with many challenges everyday as our condition means we have Dyspraxia, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, IBS, migraines and for my son, Photosensitivity too. I have just taken delivery of my second Supersport with heavy-duty batteries as my original model changed my life in 2006. Ownership of this special machine has ensured I can remain independent outdoors despite having over 17 operations on my right leg over the years and dealing with mobility problems. Its stability and power when driving over neighbouring farmland and rough tracks is outstanding and the 30-mile battery range gives me peace of mind. My Supersport's top speed is a perfect pace for my dogs to trot alongside me when I take them out for several miles in the morning and evening.

Michaela continued: Three of my six dogs need more exercise than most, so without this indispensible scooter there would be no way I could continue caring for them. My adopted 5-year-old Saluki-cross-Greyhound called Nicky has three legs and loves to walk alongside Bradley, a Greyhound-Whippet-cross aged two, and one-year-old Arrow who is a Whippet-Bull Terrier-Collie-cross. Even though my Supersport is so robust, it is surprisingly lightweight to operate so controlling my dogs and driving, with limited hand movement, is no bother at all. I have bought special stretchable bungee lead attachments which really help too."

Michaela continues: "My new TGA Supersport is also helping me to train Arrow so he can become my assistance dog. This involves lots of educational exercises for him but is essential for me to continue living with as much independence as possible. In between these trials I also care for three Papillons who are shorter in the leg than the 'long legged lot' as I call them. If Harley (no pun intended!), Wyl and Skipper come out with us when I'm driving they can sometimes hop onboard my Supersport for a ride in the rear basket or on the floor well. My dogs may have taught me how to live life to the full when you have a disability, however my Supersport has made it possible."

Rescue dog lover with Disability continues essential animal care thanks to 'Harley Davidson' TGA mobility scooter thumbnail 1
Michaela Walker on her'Harley Davidson' style TGA Supersport walking three of her six rescue dogs.