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Rebuilding beds with a Vita X: Mark's blog

25th May, 2021

Wow what a month it’s been! It’s more like April with the cold nights, storms and rain. Rain is a little bit of an understatement as it doesn’t seem to have stopped lately.

In between the showers I’ve been rebuilding my beds. My daughter and her friend have done the heavy stuff like shovelling soil and moving timber. The Vita X with my trailer have been invaluable once again as I assemble the bed sides – lining them at home on benches before ferrying over to the allotment to be screwed together.

While this has been going on, my greenhouse in the garden has been packed with pots that are planted with a variety of seeds to transplant once the beds are done.

As things progressed and a bed was completed, I then set about planting it before starting the next one.

  • Bed 1 was planted first with red, white and spring onions, plus a variety of lettuce.
  • Bed 2, the first of my low beds, has runner beans. I decided to have to runner bean beds this year as last year’s were delicious.
  • Bed 3 is my second runner bean bed and this will be planted in June so I have a split crop that doesn’t all come at once.
  • Bed 4 has been planted with peas.
  • Bed 5 is my self-seed tomato bed. Everyone says how juicy and delicious they are and I grow a variety of cherry tomatoes called sweet millions. They are called that for a reason and if you let them ramble you will see why.
  • Bed 6, the last to be completed which I’m still working on, has leeks and parsnips in.

This year, the greenhouse will be left just for cucumbers and although germinated, the cold weather is slowing any growth down.

All the old rotten timber was carted home with my Vita X where I’m slicing it up with a cross mitre saw for burning over the allotment in my incinerator on dry evenings, so not to upset the neighbourhood. After 7pm with little or no wind is the best time. Without the Vita X this is one job that wouldn’t have got done as nobody wants a load of muddy and rotten wood in their car.

The next job is to get my long handle clippers out and trim the grass along the beds where the mower doesn’t get. Then, the shed and beds will get a lick of fresh paint. Phew, gardening is hard work.

Without my allotment and fishing I think I would go stir-crazy and am so grateful to all those that help. My wife has now developed a keen interest and is a regular helper. I get a daily update when she brings in my morning cup of tea on what plants have germinated on the kitchen windowsill. She also picked my first crop of rhubarb which was delicious with custard.

Now we need to pray for some sunshine so everything starts to grow. Happy gardening everyone, I look forward to updating you next month.