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Perfect Breeze for retired sailor

23rd May, 2019

Reith 'Bunty' King, aged 88 from Pennington near Lymington, Hampshire, has navigated his way to freedom thanks to the TGA Breeze S4.

Before his mobility became restricted, Reith enjoyed an enthralling lifestyle sailing around the world and working as a specialist sail maker. In all, he sailed out of 19 countries and was responsible for the manufacturing of sails used in international races such as the America's Cup.

When back in the UK, Reith still spent much of his time on the water as he owned a racing yacht and was a member of the Falmouth Royal Yacht Club. He also achieved publication of several articles and a book regarding the technicalities of sailing.

But following three eye operations and a heart bypass, Reith looked to swap his mode of transport to a mobility scooter – despite the DVLA giving him the all-clear to keep driving his car.

It was at that moment when Reith acquired a Breeze following a chance meeting with TGA product specialist Shaun Finch, while he was servicing another Breeze S4 at a customer's house not far from Reith. "I was walking along and lo and behold I saw the scooter that was ideal for me. I fell in love with the Breeze the very first time I saw it! Shaun was so helpful as we stood chatting in the road which led to a home demonstration and my purchase. A big thank you to Chelsea at TGA, she was so supportive."

Nicknamed the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of scooters, the 8mph Breeze ensures Reith can independently drive to the coast and still enjoy the sea air.

"When I drive my Breeze, I commonly think of the poem Jerusalem by William Blake,” Reith says. “'Bring me my Chariot of fire!' is a line that I always recall as it relates to my scooter. My 'chariot' is my means to enjoy England's green and pleasant land: it is comfortable, sturdy and has big wheels. So many scooters have tiny wheels which would not be suitable for where I live.

“The woodland tracks and trails of the New Forest are the perfect terrain for my TGA Breeze and gets me to Lymington with no problems,” he continues. “Now I do not use my car, my scooter is my independence, taking me to the harbour four miles away. I did consider the three-wheel version but with the enhanced stability, I have no regrets with choosing the Breeze S4."

Mr King now enjoys adventures everyday on his Breeze, particularly in relation to his photography of local scenes. He may not be navigating the high seas but the thrill of freedom without the worry goes someway to emulating his previous lifestyle.

"I have subsequently discovered a special friend of mine in Somerset, the retired Canon Reverend Robert Ilford, already had the same scooter – he has completed over 4,000 miles on his Breeze!” Reith adds. “He has arthritis and swears by his scooter for reliable independence. I have travelled 200 miles on mine so far but plan to go much further as the weather improves. Being able to continue with my photography is one of the top ten reasons I have for owning a scooter."


Breeze S4 insight:

The TGA Breeze S4 is chosen by people who are seeking an 8mph scooter that is reliable, strong and capable of travelling off-road. Equally around town, the Breeze provides safe independence with stable handling and responsive performance.

Range: Up to 30 miles 

Speed: Up to 8mph 

Max user weight: 31 stone