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  • ''Our time away was magical' - John Stillitz discovers the delights of Venice thanks to folding TGA Minimo ' headline image

'Our time away was magical' - John Stillitz discovers the delights of Venice thanks to folding TGA Minimo

13th August, 2019

Retired financial advisor and estate agent, John Stillitz, has experienced the 'perfect' anniversary holiday through ownership of innovative travel-friendly folding Minimos.

John, who has walking difficulties due to Multiple Sclerosis, upgraded to the transportable and lightweight Minimo Plus 4 – a Class 2 scooter that has been specifically designed for easy transit on all forms of transport including boats and planes.

Incorporating a traditional four-wheel configuration, the Plus 4 delivers even more stability, which proved an ideal asset for a trip to Italy’s jewel on the Adriatic coast, Venice.  

“With uneven cobbled streets, bridges, ramps and steep slopes I needed something a little more stable,” John says. “Hence the enhanced TGA Minimo Plus 4 was the ideal solution for this trip.

"Driving around Venice, I felt safe and confident. Inside little restaurants I would remove the key and fold up my scooter. Everywhere was relaxed about me leaving my scooter in a corner and most restaurants had lifts up to their ground floors, which tend to be higher in Venice to avoid potential flooding. We adventured down more small side roads than we would have ever dared when being pushed in a wheelchair. My wife and I would rush off independently and then meet up again. There are only three accessible bridges in Venice however this didn't compromise our visit as we were still able to see most of the city centre.”

John Stillitz with his TGA Minimo Plus 4 in Venice

It wasn’t just around the historic streets of Venice where the Plus 4 excelled, however. The plane journey was also pain-free. “The fact that the Minimo folds easily was a massive plus when flying as ground and cabin crew found it easy to manage,” John says. “I was allowed to use my scooter all the way from the taxi to boarding the plane. We took the battery into the cabin and my Minimo was stowed in the hold.

John and his wife continued their excursion by taking a cruise from Venice. Onboard, John's Minimo Plus 4 once again excelled and delivered a huge difference to their holiday experience. "I find being pushed around in a wheelchair so frustrating,” he says. “It's horrible for me, whereas with my scooter I have freedom of movement. This was fantastic for getting around the ship even though I did feel guilty as I saw so many people struggling to walk. 

“On one occasion, I even offered a fellow struggling passenger my Minimo for them to try. Onboard, waiters would park it for me during meals and at night and on another cruise, we could leave it outside our room as the corridors were quite wide. I would take the battery into the cabin for charging every night along with the key. Embarkation was no problem with accessible ramps and even some launches in Venice had a lifting device so that I could stay on my scooter whilst it lowered me to sit next to the driver, all very impressive and hassle-free. Our time away was magical."

"If you are looking for a transportable scooter, I would recommend not to go for the cheapest which is often the lightest.” John concludes. “Go for something robust and sturdy; always one with a key and one which will last like the Minimo. I believe this scooter is the perfect balance for a folding design – combining lightweight technology with strength and stability. Without my TGA scooters the vast distances we cover on holiday and in airports would simply not be possible. My scooter has made an extraordinary improvement to not only my lifestyle, but for my family as well."