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Norfolk's Disabled Dynamic Duo Save the Day Driving TGA Mobility Scooters

3rd June, 2016

Dog owners Steven Cable, 61, and James McKenzie, 80, from King's Lynn, have teamed up on two sporty black Vita mobility scooters to continue helping the local community and friends in need.

Born in King's Lynn, Steven was a construction machinery operator and long distance lorry driver before taking early retirement following major spinal surgery. Steven now lives with many conditions that affect his health and mobility hence he needs a scooter to remain independent. Despite his day-to-day challenges Steven continues to look after Pepper Green Park by cleaning up litter and notifying the council about graffiti when travelling around on his rugged 8mph Vita X mobility scooter. He also continues to campaign for more children's playground equipment. This commitment to looking after the local environment, made possible by his TGA scooter, has recently earned Steven a civic award from the council - 'Recognition of Outstanding Voluntary Services for the Benefit of the Community'.

Steven has been a close friend with James for several years now, who was previously struggling to keep up with his own daily good deeds until he too owned a TGA mobility scooter. These 'cool-looking' black mobility scooter have LED lights, bucket seats and motorcycle suspension. Now Steven and James are able to enjoy adventures together in between daily commitments.

Originally from Glasgow, James or 'Jimbo' to his friends moved to King's Lynn in 1971 and before retirement worked with agricultural equipment and was a Grounds man. Now aged 80 James continues to enjoy the outdoors and benefit from fresh air thanks to his sporty Vita - the reason for a long healthy life according to him. Thanks to his mobility scooter James can continue caring for his other friend who lives a few miles away and has had a Stroke. James drives there everyday to take his friend out in his wheelchair and regularly delivers his shopping on his scooter.

Steven says: "Without our TGA Vita scooters we simply couldn't do the things we do. My local park is now so clean and well looked after it is encouraging all visitors to keep it that way. I'm pretty sure the coverage in the newspapers about my mission has also made locals more considerate. I'm chuffed to bits with the award and will carry on with my mission for as long as I can. When I have time I really enjoy driving side-by-side with Jimbo, he is a very dear friend to me and a real gentleman. He goes on his Vita seven days a week, up to three times a day, to help his friend John who has had a Stroke and uses a wheelchair. Jimbo has also helped me when I have been ill and taken my Cairn Terrier Bobby for walks with his own Jack Russell called Snoopy."

Steven continues: "Previously Jimmy was beginning to struggle looking after his close friend so I mentioned about him getting a scooter. He'd seen my TGA Vita X and really liked the styling and found it super comfy. I'd told him how well TGA had looked after me and my scooter so he test drove one and now we are the scooter-driving-dynamic-duo - saving the environment and helping friends in need!"

James adds: "My Vita S is great. It is so easy to drive which is a big plus as I haven't driven anything since my Ford Anglia back in 1953! I can now go to the doctors and town or wherever I want to without a bus or taxi. It's funny really as Steven says I used to be easy to get hold of but now I'm always off on missions helping John and other friends with their shopping or just going for a spin. Steven does a great job looking after the park, we both know without our TGA scooters we'd be lost."

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Steven Cable and his dog Bobby (right) on their TGA Vita X with James McKenzie and Snoopy on their TGA Vita S mobility scooter.