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Norfolk: Disabled Ex-Biker Returns To On And Off-Road Action Thanks To 'Harley Davidson' TGA Mobility Scooter

30th September, 2015

Amputee motorcyclist Rick Hadden, 56 from Swanton Novers in Norfolk, has regained his ability to experience freedom on and off-road thanks to a black and chrome TGA Supersport mobility scooter .

Rick works for a local authority in Northamptonshire and lives in Norfolk with his wife and their nine-year-old Cocker Spaniel called Ruby. He regularly commutes 190 miles per day in an adapted car as he recently underwent amputation of his right leg following a motorcycling accident many years ago. Rick was an enthusiastic yet safe new rider back in 1976 when he was hit by an out of control car on the A6 north of Bedford. Despite being an accomplished off-road rider at the time, Rick had only owned his new road bike for one week when this accident left him with multiple injuries. Over subsequent years Rick rebuilt his life, however one of his legs never fully recovered and in recent times this limb has deteriorated resulting in the need for surgery. Rick's days of enjoying a motorbike and his ability to remain independent were in serious jeopardy, that was until he discovered a radical type of three-wheel mobility scooter.

Rick explains: "Since my road traffic accident, my right leg has really only been useful for standing up and short walks. However following my recent decision to accept the inevitable surgery, my TGA Supersport has enabled me to retain my independence. I have had to come to terms with a longer healing time than anticipated which has delayed use of prosthesis on my stump. Ironically this has resulted in me purchasing a TGA mobility scooter that now gives me extra freedom to access the open road and local woods. As my Supersport has the power to drive comfortably over rough ground, it allows me to enjoy more of the beautiful Swanton Novers Great Wood that is only two minutes from my home. I love spending time searching for interesting fungi and enjoying walks with my wife, our two daughters and grandchildren."

Rick continues: "As Winter is approaching, I knew I wouldn't be up and about in time to walk confidently on wet mud and grass. This led to me borrowing a friend's small mobility scooter however it was intended for road and path use and was not able to cope with off-road driving. I started looking online and came across several excellent reviews on the TGA Supersport - it sounded ideal and as it looked more like a motorbike than scooter, I knew this was the one for me. Now life is much easier and I can even walk Ruby on my own, she sometimes rides on the footplate if she needs a rest. I-m looking forward to seeing what my Harley can do in the snow!?

The Supersport is a 'cult classic' mobility scooter from nationwide suppliers TGA, who have headquarters located in Sudbury, Suffolk. This three-wheeler is known as the 'Harley Davidson' of scooters due to its striking motorbike styling and is renowned for power and performance that can tackle off-road tracks and trails. Rick's version has heavy-duty batteries that can provide a range of up to 30-miles on one charge. The Supersport is also a popular choice for the Disabled Ramblers - a charity-based group of mobility scooter users who organise accessible countryside and coastal rambles across the UK.

Norfolk: Disabled Ex-Biker Returns To On And Off-Road Action Thanks To 'Harley Davidson' TGA Mobility Scooter thumbnail 1
Rick Hadden, 56 from Norfolk, on his new 'Harley Davidson' TGA Supersport mobility scooter with co-rider Ruby.