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Naval Veteran Shirley Signals Her Freedom With New Ibex Mobility Scooter

15th December, 2017

Shirley Smith aged 81 from North London just loves her Ibex scooter from TGA. Having being very active and travelling extensively before marriage and after her husband passed away, she hated being so restricted.

From the age of 18 to 22 she was a Leading Wren Signals in the Royal Navy training at HMS Mercury near Portsmouth. Shirley was then drafted to Whitehall Wireless at the Admiralty before going onto the Royal Naval Air Station Bramcote near Nuneaton in Warwickshire. She was demobbed in 1959 and during the latter years was the Treasurer of the London Branch of the Association of Wrens. Shirley fulfilled this role for many years before it was decommissioned due to the elderly ladies being unable to travel around London.

Shirley is a practical and organised person. Now with restricted mobility due to Arthritis and a fused Spine, not to mention a new knee, she finds her Ibex scooter invaluable for getting around and whizzing to the Doctors, visiting friends and local shops. The TGA Ibex makes her more independent, it is also very comfortable with great suspension which she needs as her local pavements are very uneven.

This Ibex scooter is one of the latest models from TGA and is a streamlined, modern scooter with advanced motorcycle suspension and the latest LED lights and controls. As an 8mph Class 3 scooter it can be driven safely on the road or pavement and its robust design is ideal for town or country use.

Before Shirley got her scooter, a friend and neighbour let her try her Breeze S4 scooter to go around the block.  So when Graham from TGA brought the Ibex for a free demonstration she decided there and then that it was the one for her. She would be lost without it.

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Shirley Smith, veteran of the WRNS Signals, on her maiden voyage with a new TGA Ibex mobility scooter.