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  • '"My mates were stunned the first time they saw it!" - indoor mobility easier for Jim thanks to WHILL ' headline image

"My mates were stunned the first time they saw it!" - indoor mobility easier for Jim thanks to WHILL

13th October, 2020

Jim Donaldson is discovering easier indoor living with multiple sclerosis (MS) thanks to a TGA WHILL Model C.

Jim, a retired operations manager, was drawn towards the innovative design of the WHILL when he first saw it in a magazine and decided to find out more by watching YouTube videos before booking a home assessment.

“I did look at folding scooters but really liked the idea behind the WHILL, the fact it is called a PEV [Personal Electric Vehicle] appealed to me,” he says. “Better design, futuristic looks, very adjustable and well-built."

"What I also really liked was the unrushed assessment of my needs with Harry from TGA – I was given plenty of time to trial the WHILL to see if it was right to me. Harry spent over two hours with me as I tried all the different controls, he didn't sell the product to me, just advised and assessed.

“My WHILL was delivered within a matter of days and I was able to talk to an existing WHILL owner, Jim Ramsdale, who only lives around 20 miles away from me - another of Harry's customers. Jim gave me an honest appraisal of his WHILL which was so insightful."

As Jim finds mobility and walking a challenge, up until this point he had used an attendant-propelled wheelchair and electric wheelchair for over 20 years. His new WHILL, however, has delivered more independence than ever before thanks to its transportable design and responsive controls.

"Thanks to my new WHILL I was able to go to my granddaughter's first birthday party last year and not worry about accessing and moving around my son’s house,” he says. “Previously going to other peoples' houses was a worry as I would need to go in my manual wheelchair, plus access was never as good. As my left arm is not great, I struggle to push myself in a wheelchair so I need someone to help me. Repeatedly asking to be taken here and there is a horrible feeling, especially when out shopping. Now I travel everywhere with my WHILL as it fits into the boot of even quite small cars.”

As well as ease of use out and about however, with its tight turning circle and remote-control app, Jim is also discovering the benefits of the WHILL inside the home.

“The WHILL proved it is so manoeuvrable indoors which really surprised me, especially going through doorways,” he says. “I also go out locally in my WHILL and every Friday I pop into my old place of work for a cuppa. My mates and ex-work colleagues were stunned the first time they saw it."

"When I first saw the remote-control app, I thought it was a gimmick. How wrong was I,” he continues. “It is so useful; I use it all the time. I can stand but need to position my wheelchair accurately to be able to turn when transferring from a chair or bed. Before I used to have to try moving my old electric wheelchair when sitting in it which took a lot of awkward adjustments. Now it's so much easier and safer for me to transfer in and out face-to-face with my WHILL; its controls are so precise.

"Overall, the superb service I have received from TGA proves they understand that reputation is everything,” Jim concludes. “My old company was the same – it's all about looking after the customer for the long term and supplying quality products. It is really nice to be interviewed by them for feedback and so I could relay my story to others – honest words that will make a difference and not just marketing speak."