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'Mobility Molly' the dog and her Audley owner love TGA scooter shopping together

18th October, 2011

Tony Harris of Bignall End is a fantastic character that has recently purchased a new TGA mobility scooter and is a member of the newly formed 'Breeze Brigade'. These are a group of like-minded men who all own exactly the same type of mobility scooter, a TGA Breeze, and are planning to support forthcoming local charity events alongside the local mobility specialist Amorcare. Their first fundraising appearance will be at the 'Paint the town pink' Breast Cancer charity event on Friday 28 October in Newcastle-under-Lyme with the Stoke City Football Club mascot 'Pottermiss.'

Tony has owned Molly since she was only a few months old and they go everywhere together, even when a 10-mile-round shopping trip beckons as he explains: "Even though I had to have a leg amputated recently, I can still venture out of my home thanks to my TGA Breeze scooter. This is the third Breeze I have bought since 2005 as they are fantastic pieces of kit and this new S model is even better that the previous. As I am surrounded by very steep hills I would be housebound without my scooter and Molly would not have much quality of life. I'm very attached to Molly and when she is not enjoying a ride in the front scooter basket or down my jacket, I can now take here for walks with my new scooter. When the Castle market is on we regularly drive to do the shopping together which always gets people talking. So many people stop me to talk about her and also ask 'where did you get this amazing scooter from?' She is an essential companion for me and kind of like my TGA Breeze scooter, I'd be lost without her."

Before retiring Tony worked for the MoD for 19 years in Telford and was always very active. With the loss of his leg, life became a lot harder though until he discovered Amorcare Mobility Stores based in Newcastle-under-Lyme High Street. Tony concludes: "Both Amorcare owners Andy and Nicky are fantastic individuals who really make a difference to many less able people around here like myself. They are never too busy to chat in their shop and will always offer you a cup of tea. It is so nice that there are still people like this around who really care about their customers and as it was Nicky's birthday last week, Molly and I decided to go down to the shop with a bunch of flowers. I would recommend their mobility products to everyone, especially as this TGA Breeze S4 has helped Molly and I continue enjoying the outdoors together."

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