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Mark's blog: spring seeding

6th April, 2021

After months of a dark and miserable winter, spring is finally here. This means tidying up my allotment plot and getting my early seeds in.

My allotment is only a few hundred yards from my house but it’s still too far for me to walk, so I dust off the Vita X, pack everything I need into a box strapped to the rear rack and head off with the wife.

With many raised beds, weeding is pretty easy and I do maintain it over winter so I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they haven’t run amok. My plum tree I planted last year alongside my giant bug house is sprouting new buds and I am training it to grow above it on a framework.

Mark Boss on his TGA Vita X

We managed to plant some early lettuce, spring onions, shallots, red onions and white onions.

Raised bed on Mark Boss's allotment

In the greenhouse I have planted runner bean and tomato seeds ready for planting out in May. I’ve also purchased some more timber to build another bed and repair the old ones, so watch this space for more blogs later in the year.

Mark Boss at his allotment on his TGA Vita X

All my household green waste goes in my compost bins and I turn them over to aid the process and hopefully I will have some decent compost later in the year. Last year’s compost was beautiful. I add all green waste like veg peelings, eggshells, teabags, fruit cores and peel, plus lawn cuttings and it’s amazing how fast it accumulates.

Surprisingly, the grape vines over the arbour are already sprouting as these are normally late.

Rhubarb is poking through, mine’s a late variety and many people already have early varieties ready to pick.

The mice have been in the shed so next time I’m over I will need to empty it and clean it out but luckily, I never leave anything in there that they can damage.

The whole allotment is looking good as the dry weather is bringing people out as the soil dries up enough to allow us to work it. Fingers crossed 2021 will be as productive as 2020.