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London Street Pastor continues crusade on TGA scooter

3rd September, 2010

Carol Moon is a remarkable lady for her age. For over 2 years now she has voluntarily patrolled the streets of London, sometimes in very deprived areas and late at night, offering support to people simply by talking to individuals in need. Even though Carol lives with restricted mobility and is of retirement age, she has been able to continue her amazing work thanks to a Breeze 4 mobility scooter from TGA.

Carol was compelled to join the Street Pastors group over two years ago, which was originally founded by Les Isaacs of the Ascension Trust to combat youth violence. She successfully completed the training however as her mobility became more restricted over time and the subsequent use of ungainly crutches whilst on patrol, Carol was beginning to find it impossible to continue her Street Pastor work until purchasing her TGA Breeze 4 scooter.

As a Street Pastor, Carol is a Church member who patrols the streets of London late at night talking particularly to young people who feel themselves to be excluded and marginalised. This normally involves Carol and fellow Pastors engaging with people where they normally frequent such as outside pubs, clubs or anywhere on the streets. The purpose of this is not to religiously educate individuals but to simply talk about issues that concern them, whilst demonstrating God's support through an unconventional manner.

Carol explained, "As a Street Pastor I can hope to touch the heart of whoever I speak to on the street - perhaps to calm, encourage, give hope, to help someone feel less lonely or to open up a new beginning. Sometimes just to talk with someone who hasn't spoken to anyone for days. I've met sweetness on the streets. And all because a group of us regularly patrol from 10pm until 4am making ourselves available to anyone who wants to speak to us. Where we go, crime decreases and sometimes, life changes happen. Thanks to my periwinkle blue TGA Breeze 4 scooter, a 5 hour Pastor patrol leaves no discomfort as it is comfortable, sensitive to control and sturdy. With its assistance I continue to help the community which I find the most rewarding experience possible."

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