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Local TGA kindly donates mobility scooter to assist less able customers at Sudbury Waitrose

21st November, 2011

At TGA Mobility, we know how important it is to our customers to be independent, which is why we have donated a new Midi Breeze 3 to Sudbury Waitrose so that elderly and less able locals can continue to access the store and complete their shopping without difficulty.

TGA is a family-run, caring company that has been based in the local area for over 25 years and continues to provide life-changing mobility products to the community with a proven and trusted heritage. Even though it provides market-leading mobility scooters nationwide, as a business it is focused on supporting the local community and increasing independence for less able individuals. Scooters help people with restricted mobility enjoy the outdoors which is essential for well being and make simple tasks possible such as shopping. TGA regularly gives something back to the local community and felt that donating a Midi Breeze 3 to the Waitrose store in Sudbury would be a perfect opportunity to help less mobile shoppers navigate the aisles with ease.

TGA Managing Director Daniel Stone commented: "Being able to complete your food shopping is a crucial part of everyone's life and though it may sound simple to able bodied people, when you live with restricted mobility even this can be impossible. Hence we were delighted to be given the opportunity to donate one of our most popular compact 3-wheeler models, the TGA Midi Breeze 3, to Waitrose Sudbury and its customers. Shoppers choose this store as they are looking for quality products and exceptional service, honestly priced, which are the same reasons why so many individuals locally and across the UK choose TGA. We specially fitted an oversized large basket on the front of this scooter so collecting items would be easier and as the Midi Breeze 3 is renowned for high levels of manoeuvrability, accessing all the store should be hassle-free and pleasurable. The TGA team and I are already so pleased to see this scooter making a real difference to many shoppers and would like to congratulate the Waitrose Sudbury team on their exceptional work in terms of accessibility."

Miles Beasley, Waitrose Sudbury Store Manager concluded: "We would like to thank TGA Mobility for their kind donation which has already helped so many. It's a fantastic compact scooter that is perfect for travelling up and down the aisles and as steering is so effortless, its use in-store is safe and controlled. Making shopping easy for all is becoming even more important these days with an ageing population and so as a business, we ensure all possible opportunities are taken to improve accessibility to the store. We have ample disabled parking bays and store layout is always carefully configured so that space is maximised and products can be located quickly and clearly. I would encourage people living with restricted mobility to come and visit the store and try out our new acquisition - it's brilliant!"

The Breeze Midi 3 and 4 bring to market a higher level of design features that now provide further comfort, reliability and safety. Building on the proven heritage of the popular larger Breeze models, these new Midi versions incorporate enhanced, sharper looks, a disc braking system, fully orthopaedic seat and energy absorbing front and rear bumpers.

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Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director (left) with Miles Beasley, Manger of Sudbury Waitrose (right) with Rebecca Murphy, Waitrose partner (employee) on the Midi Breeze 3 kindly donated to the store by TGA Mobility