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  • '"It's so workable across my land" - the Supersport that keeps retired farmer Alison stay active outdoors ' headline image

"It's so workable across my land" - the Supersport that keeps retired farmer Alison stay active outdoors

8th April, 2020

Keeping on top of land maintenance is a challenge at the best of times. When you have restricted mobility caused by polio, you’d have thought it would be a job to retire from.

Not for Alison Williamson. The 77-year-old from Lumsden near Aberdeen continues to lead an active lifestyle outdoors with the aid of her ultra-reliable TGA Supersport.

Having been a keen pedal tri-cyclist for many years, she required a more robust, powered vehicle to tackle mud, ruts, slopes, rocks and burns. When she purchased her second-hand Supersport in 2004 she was delighted with its performance and comfort.

"My life would not be the same without my TGA Supersport – it has been a big success to say the least,” Alison says. “In over 15 years of ownership I have never had any problems. My machine just keeps on going in the snow, wind and rain. I've only needed one set of new tyres, a new inner tube, a battery and a couple of cables in all that time."


Alison Williamson tackles tough terrain on her TGA Supersport


When Alison received the Supersport however, she still wanted the stability of a saddle. So, she located a second-hand motorbike one and asked the local blacksmith to devise a way of fitting it in place of the original seat.

“I appreciate that my customisation wouldn't be suitable for everyone, however the addition of a saddle means I can use my scooter more like a motorbike,” she explains. “Really leaning into turns and slopes, and the lower centre of gravity adds to stability. I’m lucky that I have enough core strength despite not being able to stand unaided.”

Coincidentally, the TGA Supersport is known as the 'Harley Davidson' of mobility scooters with its black and chrome retro styling, making it a popular choice for ex-bikers. The three-wheel design provides advanced manoeuvrability for exceptional off-road capabilities; hence it is a common choice for members of the Disabled Ramblers charity. Its larger wheels provide greater grip and consistent traction over challenging terrain and high levels of reliability ensure owners have the confidence to explore further afield. These proven characteristics mean Alison is able to maintain her 11 acres of land and tend her reduced flock of sheep on a daily basis.

"As owning a Supersport is essential for me I did buy a back-up machine a few years ago but I've seldom had to use it, my original scooter is so workable across my land,” Alison says. “These days it enables me to continue gardening and to do general land management tasks. The rear basket carries all the fearsome tools I need to trim hedges etc and panniers give extra storage space. In all the situations I have put my Supersport through, I have never felt unsafe and never tipped over when driving across slopes. I now find getting myself in and out of the car is a struggle, so the first choice for visiting neighbours or the local village shop is the Supersport.

“Having always been active and happy outdoors, my Supersport is a life changing purchase which continues to be indispensable on a daily basis.”