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  • '"It's more like a little car!" - 93-year-old Leonard enjoys lakeside living thanks to Top Gear winning Breeze' headline image

"It's more like a little car!" - 93-year-old Leonard enjoys lakeside living thanks to Top Gear winning Breeze

23rd April, 2019

Leonard Pardew, from Heaton near Bolton, has discovered all-weather independence thanks to his new Breeze S4 with hard top canopy.

Before retiring, Leonard was a successful civil engineer for over 40 years, managing and implementing heavy plant machinery used in construction of major civil engineering projects. The challenges of his long career are still remembered fondly, however these days independent mobility is the main issue to solve.

Leonard lives with limited walking abilities and requires support from a carer, so he sought the means to improve his freedom outdoors. This led to the purchase of a Breeze S4 – known as the 'Rolls-Royce' of mobility scooters.

"My scooter has already made a big difference to my life,” Leonard says. “I was attracted to the Breeze in the first place as it does not look like a scooter, even more so with a canopy. [It’s] more like a little car. It’s so comfortable to ride and sturdy when driving - I discovered this as soon as I started my test drive. Chris from TGA came to my home and was excellent, so friendly and didn't sell to me, just advised.

The Breeze is also renowned across the UK as it won an extreme challenge on BBC’s Top Gear and has completed several world record challenges. Leonard chose to own a Breeze with a hardtop canopy which provides all-weather protection.

“I went for solid tyres so I never have to worry about punctures and like a firm ride,” he said. “As I live on the shores of Doffcocker Lodge lake, I can drive to the edge and admire the view much more easily... and on my own. Now it's getting warmer I am already planning to adventure all the way around the lake, it is so pretty here in the spring and summer."

Leonard has always been an individual with motivation and determination. His zest for life continues these days with a focus on maintaining independence. An important part of Leonard's life is his Catholicism and means he can now visit church without the need of friends to assist.

"Before owning my Breeze I had to rely on others to take me to mass which was never ideal,” he said. “Now I can drive to church on my own and park my scooter in the vestibule. The first time I did it the scooter caused quite a stir, so many of the congregation admired it and asked about TGA."

"The Breeze really is the 'Rolls-Royce' of scooters,” he concludes. “The best features for me are the canopy as visibility is great, the dashboard as easy to understand and the rear storage box is spacious for my shopping. Going to the post office, local shops or the doctors is now within reach on my own which is far better, both practically and emotionally."    


Breeze S4 insight:

The TGA Breeze S4 is chosen by people who are seeking an 8mph scooter that is reliable, strong and capable of travelling off-road. Equally around town, the Breeze provides safe independence with stable handling and responsive performance.

Range: Up to 30 miles 

Speed: Up to 8mph 

Max user weight: 31 stone 

Breeze S4 with canopy