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  • '"It has opened up the countryside for me" - blogger 'one with nature again' thanks to Vita X' headline image

"It has opened up the countryside for me" - blogger 'one with nature again' thanks to Vita X

15th February, 2021

Blogger Emily Bonner is once again enjoying the Cotswold countryside thanks to her new Vita X.

Emily lives independently and works for the National Trust at Chastleton House, where she has welcomed visitors to the historic 17th century property since 2013. Alongside her work for the National Trust, Emily is a writer for the local press and blogs for the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK. She has recently launched her own blog,, which will feature her new mobility scooter – a Vita X. 

Since being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) in 2011, Emily’s mobility and walking has become more restricted. As she lives on her own, it was important to find a solution to remain active outdoors without needing to rely upon anyone. Born and bred in the countryside, Emily was desperate to be ‘one with nature’ again. Her new scooter has made this possible.

“I spent some time looking into scooters that could drive on bridleways and immediately liked the look of the Vita X,” she said. “It looked nothing like a mobility scooter. I arranged a home assessment and test drive and a chap called Danny came to see me. It was important for me to check I could get on and off on my own which I could. I drove it up and down the road and around the garden – it felt so solid. It had to be suited to off-road driving. I knew it would open up the countryside again for me which I really missed.”

Before using a mobility scooter, Emily was struggling to walk and didn’t feel safe when out and about with the risk of tripping up a constant worry. Now, she is enjoying soaking up the beautiful countryside that surrounds her village.

Emily’s village is remote, rural and has few transport links. She can drive a car but prefers to use her scooter and especially enjoys seeing the alpacas near where she lives. She is now exploring tracks and trails and finding ‘places I never knew existed’. The Vita X has given Emily a positive feeling and she has only received compliments from neighbours and passers-by. “I’ve now had first-hand experience of what a difference a scooter makes,” she said. “I chat to people who comment on it and explain how it helps. One chap I met was surprised I had a disability as the Vita didn’t look like a scooter, plus I do not have an impairment you can see when sitting. He was very complimentary of my scooter’s design.”

As spring approaches, Emily is looking forward to warmer weather and is making plans to travel further afield. She is already researching vans to transport her Vita and will be joining the Disabled Ramblers Association, a charity which organises countryside and coastal walks for mobility scooter users along accessible, pre-planned routes. “I’ve never been one for being stuck indoors, I have to be out in the fresh air,” she concludes. “I’m talking to the National Trust about being able to use my scooter when at work. Having MD doesn’t mean you have to stay in or can’t work, something I’ll be looking to prove in my new blog.”