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Inspirational disabled Motorsport marshal achieves epic new 24-hour World Record on TGA Mobility scooter

19th May, 2014

Steve Tarrant, 53 from Poole, is a remarkable disabled motorsport marshal, who has achieved a new World Record at Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, by driving a TGA mobility scooter the furthest distance ever in 24 hours.

Steve became disabled following a serious motorsport accident in 2000 that resulted in the loss of a leg and multiple injuries. He has managed to rebuild his life after this near tragic experience and continues to marshal internationally at events such as Le Mans 24 Hours and Petit Le Mans, Atlanta. Steve was also a medal bearing Games Maker during the Olympics and Paralympics that led to a Big Society Award from David Cameron.

Steve completed his epic world record challenge on Sunday 18th May at 6pm following 24-hours of driving a TGA Breeze S4 GT mobility scooter around a pre-determined course at Goodwood. Steve achieved a world record-breaking distance of 190.2 miles (306.1km) by driving through the night and completing over 1,800 laps of a 167m circuit, only stopping briefly for battery changes. Pending ratification, Steve will have smashed the current distance of 170.63 miles (274.60km) to officially hold a new 'Guinness World Record' for 'The Greatest distance covered in 24 hours by a mobility scooter'. This awe-inspiring effort by Steve in terms of his determination and stamina, has been heightened further by the engineering achievement. Not only did the TGA Breeze deliver 100 reliability and extraordinary battery range, it completed the course with purposely-punctured tyres to demonstrate the effectiveness of TGA's new sealant system. This pioneering solution can be injected into the pneumatic tyre of any mobility scooter and seals the majority of punctures automatically. It is manufactured by Poole's Sales Science who also provided a team of supporters to work with the onsite TGA engineers, Steve and the pit crew during the challenge.

Steve comments: "Firstly, I would to thank TGA Mobility and Sales Science for all their outstanding engineering support; Goodwood Motor Circuit and Lord March for hosting the event; and all my dedicated pit crew. I am also gratefully appreciative of all the donations that have been received for my designated charity during the challenge - Macmillan Cancer Support. The last 24 hours have been truly unforgettable for me and ever though it was grueling at times, I never had any doubts that I would achieve this new world record."

Steve continues: "This is the second time I have attempted the record and this experience has once again been a test of endurance. I have to say though the overall comfort, performance and stability of the Breeze scooter was impeccable as ever and the puncture sealant is absolutely unbelievable. To have driven over a bed of nails before the start and not experienced any loss of tyre pressure in 24 hours, proves how outstanding the TGA puncture sealant system by Sales Science is on many levels."

Steve concluded: "After now completing the further distance ever for the second time, I am done with this world record. In the words of Steve Redgrave after winning his fourth rowing Olympic gold medal: 'If you ever catch me near one of these again, shoot me' - only joking! I now intend to focus on continuing to talk, present and educate regarding motorsport and disability whilst potentially planning a new world record attempt in 2015 - John O'Groats to Land's End in the shortest time ever. I am currently looking for commercial sponsors so I can develop my plans further that ultimately are designed to raise awareness of disability and enhance equality."

Daniel Stone, TGA's Managing Director added: "On behalf of TGA, I would like to thoroughly congratulate Steve on this monumental achievement. Once again Steve has demonstrated steely guts and determination whilst highlighting the market-leading reliability and durability of our Breeze S4 mobility scooter. Thanks to Goodwood and Sales Science for working with us on this and I'm sure Steve will now go onto even greater success in terms of promoting achievement with disability."

Geoff Chown of Sales Science concluded: "We are delighted for Steve - an extraordinary effort, well done! Throughout all the detailed build up to this challenge, Steve has been a true gentleman to work with and he thoroughly deserves all the kudos surrounding his new world record. This extreme product test has clearly demonstrated the phenomenal effectiveness of TGA puncture sealant that will deliver greater freedom and peace of mind to countless elderly and disabled individuals."

Inspirational disabled Motorsport marshal achieves epic new 24-hour World Record on TGA Mobility scooter thumbnail 1
Onboard his trusty TGA Breeze S4 GT, Steve Tarrant achieves a new 24-hour world record for: 'the greatest distance covered in 24 hours by a mobility scooter'.* Pictured celebrating on the finish line at Goodwood Motor Circuit with his pit crew.