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  • '"I now go wherever the mood takes me" - Breeze S4 keeps ex-biker Bernard 'not get old' ' headline image

"I now go wherever the mood takes me" - Breeze S4 keeps ex-biker Bernard 'not get old'

12th March, 2021

Bernard Mason is able to go ‘wherever the mood takes’ him thanks to a TGA Breeze S4 Max.

A retired animal welfare officer who has spent all of his life ‘surrounded by animals’, Bernard has stables at home and a few miles away where his daughter keeps her ponies and horses. Spending most of his time outdoors, Bernard is not someone who has accepted reduced mobility due to bad knees lightly. However, he is determined to ‘not get old’ and remaining as mobile as possible outdoors is a top priority, which led to researching into mobility scooters. It was then he found the answer – a Breeze S4 Max.

The Breeze S4 Max was recommended to Bernard by a friend of his wife who is a carer. One of her clients has a TGA and they were impressed with its comfort and reliability. Bernard needed a scooter that could cope with the hilly areas in his locality as ‘wherever you go you are either going up or down’. The village’s steep and cobbled streets highlighted a need for a powerful scooter with extra grip. “I wanted a scooter that could get me up and down the hill to the shop for my morning paper,” he said. “I found the TGA website and booked a trial. They brought out three scooters and I liked the fun looks of the Supersport, however decided a four-wheel Breeze was best for me in the end – it felt a bit like a motorbike.

Bernard Mason on his TGA Breeze S4 Max

“I’ve owned so many motorbikes in my time. The fact that my Breeze feels and looks similar to a motorbike is the main element I enjoy as I miss riding them. Nevertheless, my Breeze is still a good bit of fun.”

With independence outdoors, Bernard is planning to join the Disabled Ramblers, a charity who organise group events for scooter users along pre-planned accessible routes, as he knows his Breeze will be ideal for this. Bernard is looking forward to these group countryside rambles and coastal walks, helping him ‘stay like Peter Pan’.

“I now go wherever the mood takes me – into town, swanning up the valley and enjoying having a look around, especially the local beauty spots,” he concludes. “Most times I’ll drive for about five or six miles on one trip when the weather is ok. Mud and grass are no problem. The flexibility of my scooter is the best bit as I can go on farm tracks, the road, pavements and it turns easily.”