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  • '"I couldn't farm without them" - 87-year-old Marion still farming thanks to TGA scooters ' headline image

"I couldn't farm without them" - 87-year-old Marion still farming thanks to TGA scooters

3rd July, 2020

Marion Pont is continuing to run her sheep farm at the age of 87 with the help of two TGA scooters – a 20-year-old TGA Supersport and a Breeze S4 GT.

Marion has lived on her family farm for over 70 years where she, with the help of her sister-in-law and nephew, tends to 80 lambing sheep. The two scooters are Marion’s only means of remaining mobile around the farm and without them she would not be able to tend to her flock, mend fences or carry feed.

“I call my Supersport my tractor and my new Breeze my Rolls-Royce,” Marion says. “I couldn’t farm without them. I go out on my scooter three times a day to keep things in order. The Supersport gets me into the tightest of spaces and being a three-wheeler, steering is easy. When I got my Breeze, I found the comfort and stability great.”

A popular choice for Disabled Ramblers members for its off-road capabilities, the Supersport has large wheels which can tackle mud, grass and rocky tracks with consistent traction. This means Marion is able to access all of her farm throughout the year and regularly drives several miles a day. Always “plastered in mud”, this remarkable machine keeps delivering freedom on the farm.

“For years now, my Supersport has helped me transport tons of stuff including feed, tools and logs,” she says. “I can get around the house but walking further is impossible. When you’ve worked on a farm all your life, doing heavy work, your muscles get worn out. It’s tricky standing up straight these days which means I can’t see the beautiful countryside when I walk. Not on my Supersport, I can sit upright and see it all.” 

As Marion is dependent on her Supersport for independence, her youngest nephew suggested she purchased a back-up scooter for peace of mind. Despite her original scooter never breaking down even with intense use, they both thought it wise to contact TGA to see what they would recommend. With its extra wide wheels, a Breeze S4 GT was recommended which now gives Marion an equally competent scooter for farm life.

“I’m afraid to get it dirty!” she concludes. “It looks so lovely which is okay at the minute as the ground is so dry. Come the winter though it will be caked in mud like my Supersport. I was so lucky that Shaun from TGA came just before the lockdown with my new scooter, he was a fantastic chap. I haven’t been away from the farm in three months due to the virus, so having two scooters at home has kept my freedom intact. I’m glad my other nephew convinced me to get another one.”