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  • ''I am tired, relieved but ecstatic' - Dr Warren survives extreme weather to cycle length of Britain in 11 days for Event Mobility ' headline image

'I am tired, relieved but ecstatic' - Dr Warren survives extreme weather to cycle length of Britain in 11 days for Event Mobility

12th August, 2019

Through intense heat and torrential storms, Dr Mark Warren from Bredon near Tewkesbury has raised over £2,000 by cycling 1,173 miles for Event Mobility, a charity that loans TGA scooters at some of the country’s biggest events, including Glastonbury and the British Grand Prix.

Mark completed this epic challenge within his 11-day target, departing Land’s End at 8am on 24th July and arriving in John O'Groats at 5:30pm on 3rd August 2019.

As he reached the famous signpost at John O'Groats, Mark was tired from the testing journey, but elated with the achievement. "I can't believe I have pedalled the whole length of Britain,” he said. “It is going to take a while to sink in. I am tired, relieved but also ecstatic.

“My experience has been truly amazing and I’m sure the funds I have raised will help Event Mobility expand their services – their provision of TGA scooters at events is so vital. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, especially my family, friends and TGA, without their assistance I would never had made it."

Cycling the length of Britain using the National Cycle Network maintained by the charity Sustrans, Mark was supported by his family in a campervan and friends who rode with him at various stages whilst ensuring he had support at the end of each day. Mark had to endure huge extremes in weather during his challenge which included riding on the hottest day of the year in Cornwall through to intense rain and flooding in the north. He managed to battle against being 'totally chilled through' with loss of sensation in his hands and feet and the cumulative fatigue of riding over 100 miles per day back-to-back.

Mark Warren

"There have been so many highs and lows on the way,” Mark continues. “Highs have been the unbelievable views I have encountered and reaching Scotland was a significant milestone. The north coast of Scotland is absolutely breathtaking. This really lifted me when I was so tired. Lows were the weather especially in England as it was so changeable, thank goodness when I reached Scotland the temperatures were more manageable.

Mark Warren taking in the stunning views

“Climbing over Exmoor was brutally hot whereas the thunderstorms around Manchester totally drenched me. Several times I had to ride on roads that had turned to rivers with so many dangerous potholes full of water, you really had to have your wits about you. I had to deal with punctures and wheel changes and all the clouds of midges in Scotland that descend when you stop, add to this all the horsefly bites. Nevertheless, the experience has been so rewarding, I have met so many wonderful people of different nationalities and other individuals tackling their own end-to-end challenges. I will never forget these 11 days, so rewarding, both for myself and my chosen charity Event Mobility."

Donations towards Mark’s challenge can still be placed here