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Here we go again...

8th October, 2020

It’s hard to feel positive at the moment, isn’t it? As a GP and a disabled person, a second wave feels like a real blow that leaves me worried for my colleagues and my community. My plan for getting through it? Self-care (yes, a G&T in the bath counts), ensuring I make time to keep in touch with amazing and supportive friends and family, and trying to make sure I still get out of the house, even with social distancing and masks and all that stuff; it may only be a roll around the block in Merida the WHILL, but fresh air matters!

A couple of weeks ago, I took a weekend off (wild, I know!), and went to the glorious, and amazingly accessible RHS Garden Harlow Carr with my parents – yep, there were more races between me and my mum in our almost-identical chairs. We delighted in the gardens, explored the woodland, spent FAR too much time and money in the shop (oops?!), and then finished off with a very indulgent tea and cake in Betty’s Tearoom, where no one batted an eye at us rolling in in tandem with my long-suffering dad. During the first lockdown, I wasn’t able to see my parents for months, and so although we’re trying to distance and mask and all that jazz, days like this are still very special.

 One of the highlights of the last month has been the launch of my podcast, ‘Salty Women’. I get to chat to my Wonky Sister From Another Clerical Mister, the one and only Athena Stevens, (Olivier-nominated playwright, activist, wheelchair user and all-round American idol), about feminism, disability, the pandemic, politics, sexuality and so much more. Know any other podcasts with two disabled, female hosts? I can name one. You’re going to want to find us on Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. The Arts Council England even gave us funding, so it must be good, right?!

Look after yourselves through what is going to inevitably be a long and challenging winter. If you are due one, get your flu jab. Phone a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while – or just drop someone a message and check in. And get out for that roll or walk if you can. It’ll help.