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Happy Belated New Year!

21st January, 2021

So, we start of 2021 how we spent most of the previous year – in another lockdown. But even though we may all be in a precarious position, there was one thing that certainly lightened up my mood and started off my new year with a kid-like happiness and that is… it snowed!

Actually, we’ve had a few snow days already this year. The first was on 2nd January and as a lover of snow, my family and I along with our dog certainly made the most of it. We donned our winter wear (you would have thought we lived in Norway with the snow gear we have) and headed up to the nearby woodlands. We have a husky and as you probably know, they are so snow dogs. He certainly loves and thrives in the cold and to be able to go out and see him completely in his element was just brilliant. I wish he got to experience more snow. I wish I got to experience more snow too!

Georgina Wasdall with her husky and WHILL Model C

My dog was so excited and enjoyed trying to race my WHILL Model C just as much as I enjoyed being able to be out with everyone. This was my first outing with my dog in the new chair and I loved the independence. It was the first time I tried it on snow too and as there was only a dusting, my WHILL was able to handle it and the omni wheels had good grip on slightly muddier/snowier sections. A couple of distant passers-by suggested adding skis to the chair – not a terrible idea really – but I’m very glad and lucky that this chair keeps on surprising me with its capabilities.

It was a wonderful way to start of the new year, just to get out the house for a bit and not think about all the craziness going on. There’s something about a snow covering that is so serene, so calming and completely beautiful at the same time. A lot of people may call it bad weather but to us, it couldn’t be more different.

On 14th January, I again awoke to a covering of snow and a sky full of large snowflakes. Once again, my husky’s face was one of pure happiness and joy. All he wanted to do was play so we obliged, throwing him snowballs to catch in the air which he would then try to eat. We also went out together again and this time I even got the lead for part of it. He is such a good boy and has been gentler with me ever since he was a pup.

Before we went out in the snow, I decided to dress up for some photos in the garden and channel my inner alpine piste skier in style. I’ve also been making my way into the world of TikTok so I filmed a video of one of the trending dances. If you haven’t heard of TikTok before, it’s a relatively new social media platform where people share videos of dances, food, fashion, health, movies, TV shows, books, helpful tips and tricks. It’s a really fun platform that I have been enjoying making content for and unsurprisingly people are loving the WHILL as it is featured in most of my dances. I made one the other day showing how the chair can be controlled from your phone. I cannot wait to share that one and see what people think. It’s an amazing and useful feature that is also just really fun and cool.

Georgina Wasdall on her TGA WHILL Model C

I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy during these colder winter days. I also hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these times and had a good start to the new year. It’s a bit scary looking at some of the daily statistics but I remain hopeful. We’ve made it through two previous lockdowns, we can get through the third too and we’ve got vaccines this time around.

As I type this month’s blog though, I’m sat looking out over my garden with the snow covering it all in a soft blanket. The Christmas lights we haven’t taken down yet are lighting the snow up from underneath in bright white and blue, making the garden come alive in this beautiful hue. It seems so surreal, so peaceful in amongst everything else happening around us. I’m going to enjoy every minute of this view and remember that whatever may come our way this year, we can get through, together. Wishing you all the best for 2021, hope you get the chances to make more memories and follow your dreams!