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G4S chooses TGA Powerpacks for assistance with wheelchair passengers at BAA Aberdeen Airport

2nd February, 2011

TGA has been chosen by G4S Aviation Services (UK) Ltd (G4S) to supply its latest wheelchair powerpacks to BAA Aberdeen Airport for essential assistance with the transfer of less able passengers.

Aberdeen Airport is a very busy regional transport hub that serves almost three million passengers a year. In addition to its domestic passenger routes, Aberdeen Airport is the gateway to Europe's energy capital as it transports around 500,000 industrial employees to the North Sea oil and gas regions. The heliport at Aberdeen Airport is one of the busiest in the world.

Mike Caple, Security and Terminal Services Duty Manager is a key member of the G4S team in Aberdeen and is responsible for the security of the airport, as well as delivering the best experience for passengers as they transfer through the airport. It is also within Mike's remit to ensure employees under his management operate in an optimum environment in terms of Health and Safety. As an accessible airport that provides excellent facilities for less able passengers, wheelchair transfers are becoming more common through the airport terminal. In addition with a trend towards heavier wheelchair occupants, Mike and his team needed to find a solution that would minimise the strain associated with propelling disabled passengers on a regular basis. Hence they chose to fit TGA Powerpacks to their onsite wheelchairs.

Mike explained, "Reducing the risk of injuries to our staff, especially back injuries, is one of my key objectives here at the airport. The transfer of wheelchair passengers across the terminal complex was becoming a real issue until the application of several TGA powerpacks to our wheelchairs. The power and traction these powerpacks deliver, especially up airport ramps is absolutely fantastic for both the G4S agent and their assigned passengers. I would recommend these TGA Powerpacks to all airport facilities managers responsible for transferring wheelchair passengers."

The new, completely redesigned TGA Duo Powerpacks that are now in use at Aberdeen Airport deliver a simple yet extremely effective method for removing the strain experienced by agents when pushing a wheelchair. With a top speed of 6.4km/h (4mph) and a maximum range of up to 10miles (16km), these Powerpacks will drive any model of wheelchair via a simplistic control lever. They have the power and grip to safely assist propulsion of a wheelchair across uneven ground or up hills and ramps. They are straightforward to fit or remove, easy to charge and are designed and built in the UK.

G4S chooses TGA Powerpacks for 
assistance with wheelchair passengers 
at BAA Aberdeen Airport 
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Another less able passenger is easily and quickly transferred through BAA Aberdeen Airport with the assistance of a TGA Powerpack