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Four TGA mobility scooters deliver fun-filled freedom for kidney dialysis Barbara and Stroke survivor Peter

14th July, 2017

Despite both living with restricted mobility, Barbara and Peter Chapman from Norfolk, aged 77 and 80 respectively, continue to live life to the full thanks to a TGA Breeze S4, Breeze S3GT, Minimo Plus and recently launched Minimo Plus 4 folding mobility scooter.

Barbara is a retired Accounts Manager and during Peter’s working career he was responsible for managing heavy plant machinery. They live in Dereham and are remarkable people bearing in mind the conditions they cope with on a daily basis. Barbara has severe Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes and requires kidney dialysis three times a week. Peter experienced a Stroke eight years ago and has issues with both knees – hence they both find walking extremely difficult. Covering large distances on foot is impossible. However difficult daily life can be they continue to remain positive, happy and independent through ownership of four mobility scooters – two large models with off road capabilities and two that fold and fit in the boot of their Skoda Yeti.

Being able to go out independently or with their family keeps them ‘full of life’ as Barbara explains: “Owning these scooters has literally changed our lives, what would we have done without them? Our large Breeze’s let us explore the local woods and our folding Minimo’s give us freedom when travelling in the car. We can spend time with our grandchildren on days out without the worry of not being able to walk, this is priceless.”

Barbara was one of the very first to own a new Minimo Plus 4 folding scooter from TGA. It is a lightweight compact scooter that folds in one piece and slots in a car boot. It is the latest version of the award-winning TGA Minimo range and includes front wheels that are wider apart for extra stability. Barbara totally depends on her scooter as she elaborates: “I have to visit the Norfolk and Norwich hospital regularly for kidney dialysis, I would never be able to tackle the vast car parks and corridors on my own, it is an absolute lifeline for me. With my Minimo Plus 4 I can go independently and not worry about needing help. Also the new armrests are fantastic. As I have a fistula in my right arm I have limited movement so the fact they can be adjusted so easily makes a massive difference. It is marvellous machine, top-class.”

Barbara adds: “I was so excited when the new Minimo Plus 4 was launched - I nagged and nagged TGA so I could have one of the very first models. We’ve had a Minimo Plus for a couple of years now which has been brilliant and which my husband will continue to use. However we can now both go out together in the car, we also have a boot hoist so no lifting is needed. I feel so stable on my new Minimo Plus 4.”

Barbara continues: “Peter’s Breeze S3 GT with wider back wheels and my Breeze S4 are perfect for exploring our surrounding countryside. We ride our scooters to the local fish and chip pub and Peter goes to the cricket ground to watch Dereham play. If we are going out in the car we take the Minimos. We recently visited Norfolk’s Dinosaur Adventure Park with my daughter-in-law and grandchildren. We had such a wonderful time all together, it was really sunny and getting around the park on our Minimos was easy, it was very accessible. We could never have walked the distances we did, it was so lovely and the children had so much fun. We are starting to go on more holidays as well.”

Barbara concludes: “When we are out so many people stop us and ask about our scooters, I tell them they are our Rolls Royces. You only understand the importance of independence when you lose it - we have got ours back thanks to these wonderful machines. We couldn’t be happier with TGA and sharing time outdoors with our grandchildren is so wonderful.”

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The Chapman family enjoying a glorious day out at a Dinosaur Park thanks to a TGA Minimo Plus 4 and Minimo Plus mobility scooter.