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Former Iron Maiden drummer regains his freedom with a TGA Powerpack

12th May, 2009

Clive Burr, The former drummer of rock band Iron Maiden was diagnosed with primary regressive multiple sclerosis around 12 years ago. After being unable to use his Powerchair he moved onto a manual wheelchair which he has been in for approximately three years. Clive's mother noticed the TGA Powerpack in an MS centre so Clive's partner Mimi got in contact with TGA who were delighted to visit them to show them how the product works.

Over the last 10 years the TGA Powerpack has been helping manual wheelchair users and their friends and families, it is simple to fit and can be attached to any wheelchair in a matter of minutes. Once installed, the motor will assist the wheelchair to travel at a steady walking pace of up to 4 mph with a range of 10 miles.

"When we found out about the Powerpack we called TGA to make an appointment, within an hour they came and fitted the Powerpack. In the first five minutes of trying the Powerpack we knew we wanted to keep it - it is absolutely fantastic" explained Mimi

Since leaving Iron Maiden Clive has staged a series of charity concerts and was involved in founding the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. Clive is also a patron of the charity Clive Aid which was set up in 2004 by his fans to raise awareness and funds for various cancer and multiple sclerosis programmes.

"I miss being in the band and had the best time, the fans have always been fantastic and i still get fan mail now. This Powerpack is a god send as it makes it so much easier for the people around me to help" commented Clive

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