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Essential maintenance tips for your mobility scooter

22nd April, 2020

It's an ideal time to catch up on a bit of maintenance, and making the time to ensure your scooter is in the best condition possible can retain performance. To help get your scooter in tip-top shape for worry-free journeys post-lockdown, here are six essential checks you should have on your do-do list… 


Maintain batteries

Ensure you’re keeping them fully charged in accordance to your handbook. Never leave them to go flat for a long period of time. 

If you need to use your scooter, though, whenever possible try to avoid interrupting a charge cycle. It is always best to complete a full charge cycle as excessive short-term charging can be detrimental to battery life. For the very best results, simply charge fully before and after use. 


Check your tyres

It’s a good idea to make sure you’re on top of tyre maintenance weekly or monthly, depending on usage. It only takes a few ticks, too. First of all, make sure tyres are pumped up to correct PSI – you’ll find the correct number in your user handbook or on the side of the tyre. Don't miss this - the best way to maintain range and reduce tyre wear is having the correct tyre pressure. While you’re there, check the tread on the tyres – if they’re bald, it’s time to call TGA for a replacement.

If you’re riding in the comfort and luxury of a TGA, you don’t want the sudden experience of a loss in range with a punctured tyre. Thankfully, there is a solution for this – literally. TGA puncture sealant for scooters with pneumatic tyres seal up any holes created by sharp objects instantly and can be easily installed. 


Keep it clean

Yes, that glistening metallic silver, sharp red or clean white that you fell in love with when you first received the scooter. Revive it to its former glory.

If you have a road-legal scooter, now’s a great time to ensure those mirrors and lights are spotless. Soapy water will suffice on the bodywork, (certainly don’t be tempted by a jet wash!) and make sure to include the tyres. Not only will this provide a smoother ride, but clean tyres will have superior range over mud-caked ones. 


Run your safety checks

Then, you just need to check all operating lights (front and rear lights as well as control panel lights), buttons, speed control, brakes and horn. Let us know if there is an issue with any of these – it’s better to nip a small problem in the bud before it gets the chance to get any worse.


Store correctly

If you keep your scooter outside, ensure it is covered up and protected from the elements. There are a variety of capes and coats available which can help with this. Also, always make sure the batteries are not kept in a discharged state.


Read your handbook

Finally, each scooter is different and if you're uncertain about anything consult your handbook. Maintaining your scooter correctly will result in worry-free travel and continued performance. Alternatively, we're on the other side of the phone to help if you need us. 


If you have a more urgent problem and require an emergency service, our engineers are available to help. Just call 01787 888100.