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Family of four rediscovers freedom thanks to four new folding Minimo scooters

5th August, 2014

Colin Whitt, 52 from Heanor Derbyshire, and three other members of his close family have all recently become owners of the latest folding model of lightweight mobility scooter, the TGA Minimo, allowing them to enjoy independence outdoors together once more as a family.

Colin and his wife Linda (43) along with parents Jessie and John Whitt, aged 76 and 80 respectively, have all rediscovered freedom outdoors thanks to four Minimos. Each member of the family has difficulty walking which means their ability to get out-and-about is extremely limited - hence the need for scooters to access local amenities. Their Minimos all have a top speed of 4mph and incorporate an evolved compact, collapsible design which means they they can be folded up for storage in cupboards or in the boot of a car. As Jessie and John live in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, they can now drive to their son and daughter-in-law's with their two Minimo's in the car for continued mobility on arrival. The four family members then like to enjoy going out for the day to the local shops, or visiting Shipley Park by taking the bus. The new Minimo scooter from TGA is an approved model for transportation on buses with operators that conform to a new Department of Transport code of practice. As the Minimo is so compact, can be folded for storage and has a tight turning circle, it provides hassle-free manoeuvrability on public transport. This give the Whitt's independence further afield or alternatively, Colin and Linda take their Minimo's in the back of the family car.

The introduction of all four Minimos has made a huge difference to the Whitt's quality of life as Colin explains: "As I have Cerebral Palsy and my wife has severe Arthritis, we really struggled to get out before owning our Minimos. We both also have to deal with chronic anxiety so day-to-day life can be challenging, especially when tackling the outside world. Now everything has changed for the better. I was the first to own a Minimo, which was brilliant for mobility outside, however this meant my wife couldn't join me and was missing out on my new experiences. I did own a scooter before, however the Minimo has a range of up to 12 miles on one battery charge, double anything I've owned before. So driving further is now possible with peace of mind. Linda had to have one and when my parents saw the difference our Minimo's made, they decided to get one each too! It's quite a spectacle to see us driving in convey so we decided to ask the postman to take a pic of us all together on Father's Day."

Colin concludes: "Not only do we find the Minimo great to drive, its ability to collapse into a small size is excellent for fitting in a cupboard. Also as my parents live in a bungalow, they can store their Minimo's safely and securely in their hallway where space is limited. The lithium batteries are so lightweight we can literally pick them up with one finger for strain-free changing. Now we are all mobile, we are taking our Minimo's on holiday to Hasting and walking our Shetland sheepdog Toby is no problem, or should I say letting him ride on the floor well, he loves it!"

Family of four rediscovers freedom thanks to four new folding Minimo scooters thumbnail 1
The Whitt's are now a four-mobility-scooter-family - all owning new TGA Minimo's. Pictured left to right: John, Jessie, Linda and Colin Whitt riding their folding mobility scooters