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Family get-togethers now plain sailing for Navy veteran thanks to Minimo Plus

12th June, 2020

Royal Navy veteran, Peter Chatfield, has navigated his way to hassle-free family days out with a Minimo Plus.

Peter served in the Navy for 25 years and saw active service during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation in the 1960s. He joined aged 15 and progressed through the ranks to ultimately be responsible for discipline and wellbeing on several ships including cruisers, frigates and destroyers. He was one of the highest-ranking officers on the lower decks and thrived with the responsibilities his rating entailed.

In recent years, though, Peter's mobility has become restricted due to Ataxia and its associated balance issues. This has caused difficulties remaining independent particularly when spending time with his large family which includes three children, eight grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. Peter sought a solution online and discovered positive reviews for the folding Minimo Plus, which led to a home demonstration and assessment.

“Martyn was excellent at listening to my needs and explaining the different scooters that might be suitable for me,” he said. “The fact that he was ex-Navy gave us lots to talk about as we reminisced about life at sea. We agreed the Minimo Plus with its wider front axle for increased stability was the best for me."

Peter believes in remaining as active as possible, both mentally and physically. Spending time with his family 'keeps him young' however his condition means walking unaided is not possible. "Having a scooter that I can comfortably drive locally and fit in the car is a big plus,” he adds. “I use my scooter to visit the shops or meet my wife for lunch. Hills are no problem and if I want to go further, then we can lift my Minimo into the boot and off we go. National Trust places are all now in easy reach. As I don't drive, my scooter is my only form of independent transport which I use considerately on the pavement – you must be patient and give way to pedestrians.”

 “One of my highlights next year will be our annual family picnic, when for the first time, I will be able to use my scooter,” Peter concludes. “We are meeting my extended family – we all aim to do this every year. I will be able to take my scooter in the car and drive alongside my family members without any worries. I know my Minimo will make a hell of a difference that day as it already has on a daily basis."