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Exmouth: 88-year-old ex-RAF, Surveyor & Swimming Coach Regains Freedom on BBC Top Gear Winning TGA Mobility Scooter

25th September, 2015

Despite walking difficulties and diabetes, Roy Hughes, 88 from Exmouth, continues to live an active life thanks to a TGA mobility scooter with off road capabilities, made famous on the BBC Top Gear TV programme.

Roy joined the Royal Air Force when he was 17 with the intention of becoming a fighter pilot. However his military training was cut short when he was diagnosed with diabetes which forced him to take a different career path. Despite this major set back in Roy's life, he went onto fulfill a successful 35-year career as a Chartered Surveyor and Senior Land Commissioner for the Ministry of Agriculture. Roy thoroughly enjoyed his time advising farms in terms of building design and was also a key member of the teaching staff at the Royal Agricultural University. Outside of his busy career, Roy was a dedicated swimming coach for children and is proud to have taught huge numbers of students to swim. However following retirement, Roy's ability to drive a car or walk longer distances have become restricted, resulting in a loss of independence. This has changed since ownership of a new TGA Breeze S4 GT the same model that won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter Challenge .

Roy explains: "My TGA Breeze is superb, it is indeed the 'Rolls Royce' of scooters and has replaced my car. I did try a different brand of scooter before owning this one, however it was so uncomfortable as I could feel every bump and bang when driving down the road. My Breeze S4 has all the bells and whistles - real suspension, extra wide tyres for added grip and heavy-duty batteries for greater range. I can now drive to the local shops and regularly visit the beach at Orcombe Point. I've even added go faster blue strips on the bodywork and my little dog Jessie regularly hops onboard for a ride. We can go anywhere, over ploughed fields, up steep slopes and even onto the beach which most scooters can't cope with, it's superb."

Roy continues: "Since being out on my Breeze, I can't believe how many of my old swimming students I regularly say hello to. Now grown up, it fills me with such pride when these adults come up to me and thank me for helping them learn to swim. I also supported many kids with reading - many of them still remember me. My diabetes may have stopped my career in the RAF, however ownership of this Breeze is giving me the freedom to go where I want in later life which is absolutely fantastic."

Exmouth: 88-year-old ex-RAF, Surveyor & Swimming Coach Regains Freedom on BBC Top Gear Winning TGA Mobility Scooter thumbnail 1
88-year-old Roy Hughes on his TGA Breeze S4 GT at Orcombe Point near Exmouth.