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Ex-Spice Girls bodyguard from Essex beats disability thanks to sports styled TGA mobility scooter

30th April, 2014

Sean Russell, 46 from Clacton-on-Sea, is a retired Close Protection Specialist who, after suffering a serious Road Traffic Accident, has rebuilt his life with help of a cutting-edge TGA Vita S mobility scooter.

Sean worked in the bodyguard and security sector for over 20 years. He was responsible for protecting many wealthy and well-known individuals that ranged from the late King Hussein of Jordan to the Spice Girls Pop group. During the peak of Spice Girls fame, Sean was responsible for close protection when they were on tour and guarding their accommodation in a multitude of prestigious hotels. At one such location, Sean had to decline access to all visitors including a persistent David Beckham who attempted several times, to gain entry to see his girlfriend at that time - Victoria Adams.

Sean was thoroughly enjoying his career in security when in 2007 he was tragically involved in a serious Road Traffic Accident. He was knocked off his moped by a motorist that resulted in Sean suffering substantial injuries as he was catapulted over 10m along the road. The following two years involved Sean undergoing several operations to reconstruct one of his legs and he was only the second person in the UK to receive a pioneering ankle transplant. Since 2009, Sean has focused on rehabilitation at home and adapting his lifestyle to living with restricted mobility. As walking is so difficult for Sean, a recent major breakthrough in terms of outdoor independence has been the provision of a new type of sporty mobility scooter through the Motability scheme the Vita S from TGA. This scooter has literally changed Sean's life and allowed him to spend time outdoors and in Clacton with his wife and 15-year-old daughter.

Sean comments: "Back in July 2007, I was involved in a very bad accident on my bike resulting in my right leg, from the knee down, having to be completely rebuilt. I had extensive work done to my ankle and leg that involved insertion of titanium scaffolding and several skin grafts. Thank goodness the surgeons where able to save my leg and for that, I will be eternally grateful. The road to recovery has been a long one, but I can honestly say taking ownership of my new sporty TGA Vita Sport mobility scooter has been one of the major highlights. It has enabled me to regain my independence and get out more, which was simply not possible before I got my scooter. You only really appreciate freedom when you've experienced losing it and now I can enjoy time together with my family out and about - everyday is priceless. TGA and Motability have been excellent throughout the whole process, from advice about the best scooter for me, to brilliant after-care service."

The TGA Vita S is unlike any other mobility scooter available today with dramatic styling and revolutionary suspension that was developed in the motorcycle industry. It has black alloys, LED high visibility lights and sports leather bucket seat. Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concluded: "Once again it makes the TGA team and I so proud to hear how one of our leading products has dramatically improved an individual's life. As Sean had such an active and interesting career as a bodyguard before his terrible accident, we fully admire his resolve and determination to rebuild his life. We are glad our Vita S mobility scooter has so positively assisted Sean with this rehabilitation. As with all our valued customers, we will continue to support him now and in the future with impeccable service, advice and after-sales care."

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Sean Russell, 46 from Clacton-on-Sea, is a retired and disabled bodyguard who has rebuilt his life thanks to a cutting-edge TGA Vita S mobility scooter.