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Elderly and disabled Burnley locals gain greater independence thanks to Peter Jones and TGA Mobility

1st April, 2015

Peter Jones, 68 and chairman of Burnley's Shop Mobility, is now able to offer a better service to locals looking for mobility scooter loans thanks to the support of a leading brand - TGA.

Peter has lived in the Burnley area most of his life and before retiring was a successful long distance coach driver. For over 40 years he drove school children and holidaymakers around mainland Europe regularly working in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Spain and France. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting the challenges of this job role however today he is responsible for managing Burnley's Shop Mobility with several other volunteers. This is a registered charity that provides mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other disability equipment for hire in and around the Burnley area.

As a volunteer, Peter spends a large percentage of his time at the loan store providing independence to locals who may need a mobility product for a few hours, a day or longer. This charitable organisation is non-profit and despite his own mobility difficulties, Peter works tirelessly to raise donations so that this essential service can continue. His ability to manage the Shop Mobility store has recently been assisted two-fold by the scooter manufacturer, TGA, thanks to Peter's ownership of a new Vita Lite and donation of free Superlight to the loan fleet.

Peter comments: "As a charity we are completely reliant on our volunteers hard work and time to keep the service going. Shop Mobility is essential for so many local residents who struggle to walk and cannot access the shops or amenities without mobility assistance. My everyday freedom and ability to manage the loan store is so much better now thanks to my new 'cool-looking' Vita Lite. Wow, what a machine, I'd never seen anything like this before until I saw a video on the inspirational disabled motorsport marshal, Steve Tarrant, who also owns a TGA Vita. I know my days of driving school children around Europe kept me young, but this new scooter makes me feel even better. I'd unfortunately had a bad experience previously with a mobility scooter from a different manufacturer, I'm so glad I chose TGA this time. I can drive up any local hill with my Vita Lite not even flinching; its quad-bike comparable performance and suspension are great. TGA's customer service team has been so supportive of me and to have donated a scooter to our Shop Mobility store, well what can I say, we are absolutely delighted."

Peter continues: "The Superlight scooter donated by TGA will make a big difference to the Burnley disabled and elderly community. Ideal for around town, this compact scooter can be easily dismantled so it fits into a car boot and adds another dimension to our Shop Mobility fleet. As spring is upon us we are starting to get busier and busier so this TGA donation has come at the ideal time. This year we plan to expand our services further whilst continuing to make sure all profits from the charity go towards supporting the Burnley community, in particular where accessibility improvements are required.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: "We believe the Shop Mobility scheme is essential nationwide, hence TGA is proud to support the Burnley service with a donated Superlight scooter. As Peter is such a delightful Vita Lite customer of ours, we were compelled to support him. His commitment to helping fellow Lancashire residents with restricted mobility should be commended."

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