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Dog-loving retired disabled teacher continues freedom on adapted 'Harley Davidson' style TGA mobility scooter

17th June, 2014

Despite living without the ability to walk, Dave Fox, 52 from Stanwick in Northamptonshire, has been able to retain independence outdoors and walk his dogs, thanks to an adapted TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

Dave had to take early retirement from teaching Design and Technology at a large Northamptonshire secondary school due to increasing mobility issues. He has undergone several operations to try and resolve the effects of falling on ice that severely damaged his spine aged 17, however Dave now uses a wheelchair and mobility scooter full-time to remain mobile. Before his disability became too pronounced, Dave still managed to enjoy an outdoor-orientated life that included Scouting, sailing, caving and cycling. However several years ago he lost sensation in his legs and the ability to continue with outdoor pursuits was now not possible. Even the simple ability, for example, to walk his two Springer Spaniels or photograph his son's cycling club in action were impossible - until Dave discovered the TGA Supersport mobility scooter. Dave has owned this remarkable off-road scooter for a few years now that resembles a 'Harley Davidson' motorbike more than a traditional looking mobility vehicle. It is renowned for combining market-leading stability and manoeuvrability, especially when negotiating countryside tracks and trails. Recently Dave has employed his engineering knowledge to adapt its design with a Norwegian 'Springer' dog-exercising device, so he can walk his two dogs comfortably and safely.

Dave explains: "Being forced to give up teaching and no longer being able to share hobbies and interests with my three sons has been really tough for me. I had been Faculty Head for Design and Technology, and despite the administrative irritations, enjoyed working with young people - I miss this everyday. My TGA Supersport has represented one way of getting back out and about, albeit limited by extreme pain and pain management medication. My 'Harley Davidson' has enabled me to regain independence outdoors although a carer is not usually too far away at home. I've just decided to refurbish my TGA Supersport, and put it to use exercising my Springer Spaniels aged five and two. Previously it had already allowed me to get out on road and trails with my family, a means of transporting myself when angling and as independent travel to my local archery club. It was time to see what else it could achieve in my more restricted world."

Dave continues: "Jake and Eddie have always enjoyed regular exercise. They are an energetic, inquisitive breed and like all dogs require this daily. My new mobility scooter adaption allows me to control them safely with enough flexibility or appropriate tension in the lead that doesn't affect my driving stability. That I can share in this process with the family again, thanks to my TGA Supersport, is a real boost to me both physically, being outdoors, and mentally, achieving a positive contribution to family life. Of course there are times when I am simply in too much pain to get out, but this renewed use of my TGA Supersport is a new focus and a new target each day."

The TGA Supersport is a highly popular choice across the UK for individuals looking for a non-traditional looking mobility scooter. This 8mph, 3-wheel model provides off-road capabilities through increased performance, a battery range of up to 20 miles and proven stability over uneven ground. It is a popular choice with the highly publicised Disabled Ramblers who are a group of mobility scooter users that regularly meet to enjoy collective rural rambles. The Supersport's rugged build quality and black and chrome styling ensure countryside access, with peace of mind, is fun for all individuals living with disability.

Dog-loving retired disabled teacher continues freedom on adapted 'Harley Davidson' style TGA mobility scooter thumbnail 1
Dave Fox from Stanwick who lives with a disability, is now able to walk his Springer Spaniels thanks to an adapted TGA Supersport mobility scooter.
Dog-loving retired disabled teacher continues freedom on adapted 'Harley Davidson' style TGA mobility scooter thumbnail 2