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Disabled Ramblers Enjoy Latest Suffolk Mobility Scooter Expedition With TGA

27th July, 2015

The remarkable Disabled Ramblers have recently completed their latest mobility scooter ramble along the coast near Southwold supported by Rachel Elding from TGA Mobility also based in Suffolk.

TGA are a nationwide supplier of quality mobility scooters that continues to be a leading advocate of the Disabled Ramblers. The Disabled Ramblers are a charitable organisation that co-ordinates over 30 countryside rambles per year, in various locations nationwide and attracts approximately 500 disabled participants per annum. Each ramble is carefully pre-planned and graded according to terrain, so mobility scooter users can chose routes that fall within their own ability. Each ramble attracts around 20 riders with additional supporters and the TGA Supersport mobility scooter , with its proven off-road capabilities, is a popular choice at these events. Members pro-actively campaign for improved countryside access by encouraging the removal of inaccessible man-made barriers whilst preserving the character of the natural environment.

Around 25 Disabled Ramblers including members on mobility scooters and able-bodied friends converged on Southwold last week to tackle an 8-mile expedition. They were joined by TGA's Retail Manager, Rachel Elding, who was keen to experience a ramble first hand and understand, in more detail, why these gathering are so beneficial to members.

Rachel said: "We began our adventure at 10am from Southwold and then headed towards Walberswick. I was so impressed with the organisation of the event - there were lead and tail riders to ensure the group stayed together, walkie-talkies were used to stay in contact and one scooter driver even towed an accessible toilet. Venturing along the coast we saw some amazing scenery, we even picnicked in the Suffolk Coast National Nature Reserve, it was so lovely. The members I spent the day with were all so positive and friendly, I can see why these events are so important to them. It gives people with similar difficulties in life, time to enjoy a shared experience and access the countryside in the safety of a group. Through pre-planning and structured recce's beforehand, riders have peace of mind that designated routes will suit their capabilities and no accessibility issues will be encountered."

Rachel continued: "It was great to see so many of our TGA Supersports in action, they are indeed built for this kind of off-road terrain with excellent traction. The rough tracks, grass and mud we encountered during our hike did not affect the scooters" excellent performance or manoeuvrability at all.

Rachel concluded: "The positivity around this ramble was clearly tangible and a hope more people living with restricted mobility, join this marvelous association and discover how the TGA Supersport can open up a whole new world of independence in the countryside."

Pro-active member and Supersport owner Valerie Rawlings attended this latest Disabled Ramblers event. She added: "TGA Supersport mobility scooters have enabled many Disabled Ramblers to gain access to previously inaccessible places all over the country. They have made a tremendous difference to our lives and to those of our friends who often accompany us. The TGA Supersport has a rugged, attractive appearance and two of these machines that tackled this recent ramble are over 14 years old and still going strong! Without doubt, our super Supersports have widened our horizons and given immense service and pleasure."

For more information on the Disabled Ramblers, visit:

Disabled Ramblers Enjoy Latest Suffolk Mobility 
Scooter Expedition With TGA thumbnail 1
Members of the Disabled Ramblers prepare for their latest adventure around Southwold, Suffolk, on TGA Supersport mobility scooters.
Disabled Ramblers Enjoy Latest Suffolk Mobility 
Scooter Expedition With TGA thumbnail 2
Disabled Ramblers Enjoy Latest Suffolk Mobility 
Scooter Expedition With TGA thumbnail 3