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Disabled Ferrari fanatic continues voluntary hospital work thanks to flash mobility scooter

13th January, 2011

Disabled Reg Skelton from Weston-super-mare has been a volunteer at the Weston General Hospital for over 15 years and has recently managed to continue his work thanks to a Ferrari-like TGA Vita mobility scooter from Dalesway.

Reg is an avid Ferrari fan and can be regularly found in the local merchandise shop, however his life after a massive heart attack has always been testing, especially in terms of mobility. Thanks to support from the TGA dealer Dalesway Mobility in Weston, Reg has been able to purchase his dream 'sports car like' scooter that he has customized to display his passion for Ferrari.

Reg commented, "Being 74 and unfortunately not enjoying particularly good heath, my voluntary work at the hospital wouldn't be possible without my Vita. I am part of a team at the Weston General who are known as the 'Spliters' who are responsible for replacing and updating folders that contain patient medical records. You can imagine the amount of handling these folders receive as they travel from department to department which leads to many of them becoming split and tatty. To ensure medical notes are not lost which would cause major issues, we re-bind them back into vital new folders so they can continue their journeys around the hospital in
one piece.

Away from my time helping at the Weston General, I love everything to do with Formula 1 and Ferrari - I never miss a Grand Prix on the TV. My passion for the team's performance and Italian style led to me purchasing my Vita scooter. It simply does not look like a mobility scooter and when I first saw it in the window of Dalesway Mobility - I knew I had to buy it. I have been so impressed with every aspect of it, I have recommended this model to two friends who have now also purchased eye-catching Vitas. It's helped me also continue one of my other hobbies which involves photography of the local area, especially coastal sunsets, which is one of the reasons why I have loved living in Weston for over 25 years.

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