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Disabled animal rescue worker discovers new lease of life thanks to Vita mobility scooter

23rd September, 2014

Despite living with severe Osteoporosis and walking problems Cliff Quinn, 54 from Cambridge, has been able to regain his freedom and independence allowing him to continue his voluntary animal rescue work, thanks to his funky TGA mobility scooter.

Cliff is a delightful character who was unfortunately forced to take early retirement from his car rental career due to poor health. Despite his job having long hours, taking early retirement difficult for Cliff; however losing his independence and ability to stand was even harder. Cliff's Osteoporosis means his walking capabilities are severely restricted and standing is impossible. This condition affects his bones, causing them to be fragile and more likely to fracture, therefore Cliff has to be extremely careful when moving around inside or out doors.

Without the ability to access the outdoors on his own, Cliff was determined to discover driving freedom again so spent two years researching the best mobility scooter for trusted performance. With the help of Motability, he was able to take ownership of his ideal scooter - an 8mph, metallic blue Vita 4 with dynamic styling. The scooter has improved changed Cliff's lifestyle by providing independence outdoors and generating a positive attitude to everyday living. His renewed zest for life has encouraged Cliff to join the Cambridge Blue Cross animal rescue centre as a volunteer driver.

Cliff explains: "I have owned my Vita mobility scooter for a couple of months now and what a difference it has made. I have been able to enjoy the summer outside and feel good about life, especially now I have decided to volunteer for the Blue Cross. I am responsible for transporting rescue animals such as rabbits, cats and dogs, plus smaller animals, to local foster parents so they can provide an important alternative to care at the rescue centre. I am an animal lover myself with a four-year-old cat called Maisy, so I enjoy this role so much."

When choosing a new mobility scooter, it was essential for Cliff to choose the right type as his Osteoporosis means he needs extra support when driving. As the Vita 4 incorporates design and engineering features developed in the motorcycling industry, it provides all-round, active suspension so Cliff experiences a smooth ride and no sudden jolts. This is critical for his comfort and to avoid any potential back or bone-related issues when driving around. The Vita 4 has a revolutionary rear, mono shock absorber so Cliff's orthopaedic seat remains stable and his large shopping basket means he does not need to carry any bags. Cliff continues: "I have to say the suspension on my Vita is amazing and I love its looks. Day-to-day it is a real life-line, I can drive it around the local supermarket and even managed to get 200's worth of shopping in my rear basket the other day! As my scooter is really eye-catching and thefts are on the increase, I have also invested in a wheelclamp to ensure my freedom is not stolen. It's a great piece of kit and would recommend all scooter users get one."

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Cliff Quinn on TGA Vita 4 mobility scooter