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Daughter gives mum the answer to quality family time - a TGA Minimo Plus 4

4th November, 2019

Katharine Gayter has been able to give her family and mum, Valerie Clare, the ability to once again enjoy time out together with a folding and transportable TGA Minimo Plus 4.

Valerie, a retired banking employee, lives with her husband Brian in Hadlow. They both enjoy traveling together with 15 members of her family and visiting the coast. However, walking has become quite a challenge in recent years, limiting her choice of outdoor activities, holiday destinations and day-trip locations. 

The benefits of mobility scooters to users are well known. However, the wider advantages to extended families are not so recognised. As parents are living longer, more middle-aged children are recommending ownership of a scooter to their parents so all generations can enjoy greater inclusion together. 

Katharine is one such daughter who has given her mum reinvigorated mobility through recommendation of a mobility scooter. "My sister, brother and I had been saying to mum for ages that she needed to replace her scooter,” she says. “It was heavy, difficult to put in the boot and was not good driving up hills. I started looking for a folding product and as I always believe you get what you pay for, TGA was a natural choice.

Valerie and daughter Katharine

“As I work in the mobility industry, I knew of TGA’s excellent reputation so stressed the importance of their customer assessment process to mum. She really needed to try various products at home and not be pressurised into buying. TGA's friendly assessor came out so she could try various scooters and the Minimo Plus 4 was deemed the most suitable. It is so much lighter than her previous scooter, fits in the boot more easily and doesn't take up so much room. Their dog can now travel in the car boot and not on the back seat, hence we can get more family members in the car.”

The fact that Katharine, her mum and the rest of the family can now all walk together at the same pace is simple, yet highly beneficial. “Goodness knows how my dad had being putting their previous scooter in the boot – it was so heavy and needed to be dismantled every time,” Katharine continues. “The battery was also heavy and the seat had to come off – all difficult to lift and time consuming. Not with their new Minimo which folds in one piece. Understandably mum is slower than us when using her walker and sticks, so we previously had to wait for her. This meant keeping our large family group together had become quite challenging. Now everything is different – she can even take it on a cruise if she prefers. They’ve had a powered hoist fitted in the car boot so lifting is no problem and both of them got the hang of folding and unfolding the scooter quickly.” 

“Mum still wants her independence and does not want to be pushed in a wheelchair; she has always felt this is unfair,” Katharine concludes. “Suddenly our choice of destinations and holidays is back to normal thanks to mum's Minimo Plus 4."