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Carolyn Experiences A New Zest For Life Thanks To Latest Travel-Friendly TGA Mobility Scooter

30th November, 2017

Carolyn, 65 from Suffolk, has Stroke-related walking difficulties, however has continued to fulfil her passion for travel thanks to a new type of transportable mobility scooter – a Zest Plus from TGA.

Carolyn is a retired Estate agent, with a love for ‘The Great Outdoors’, with her husband, Brian a retired Insurance Assessor. They both enjoy time exploring stately homes, gardens and the countryside in general.  They regularly visit the National Trust’s Ickworth House which is situated close to their home, Acton near Sudbury. They recently returned from the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales, where the Zest Plus was extremely good and coped with all the hills and rough terrain with no problems at all.  In addition to their national travels, they fly internationally which includes visits to their family in San Diago, California. This has been made possible thanks to ownership of three TGA mobility scooters over a period of 10 years which allow Carolyn to remain mobile. She lives with the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which limits her walking capabilities, however with the assistance of a Superlight, Eclipse and now a Zest Plus, Carolyn continues to fully enjoy life further afield. 

The Zest Plus is the latest ‘car boot’ mobility scooter from TGA that dismantles into five easy-to-lift pieces. Rare in its class it has active suspension for a smoother ride so comfort and stability are maximised. As a mid-sized scooter it provides users with extra space when driving however its design still offers a transportable solution that is manageable and fits in a car boot. More and more individuals with mobility challenges are looking for a scooter that is travel-friendly for planes, buses and trains. The Zest Plus delivers the ideal product for this purpose as it includes clever features such as a high-range battery that splits in two for easy lifting. With a range of up to 18 miles and the ability to comfortably accommodate a user weighing 23 stone, the Zest Plus is a remarkable scooter that opens up a world of opportunities for disabled people. 

Carolyn explains: “My previous two TGA scooters have made such a difference to my life and I wouldn’t be without my latest Zest Plus. Rachel and the TGA showroom team in Sudbury have been so helpful over the last 10 years, their service has been excellent. My condition affects my legs especially on my left-hand side so I would never be able to enjoy countryside walks or travel abroad without it. Before we discovered it was easy to take a scooter on a plane we had flown with my wheelchair. However, on a trip to San Diego, my husband got chatting to a passenger on a scooter who explained the process. If you contact your airline well in advance of flying, fill in the appropriate form and ensure you have all your scooter specifications with you when travelling, it can be hitch free. You just have to make sure the airline will take your make of scooter. Our forthcoming flight to America with Virgin Atlantic is our first with the Zest Plus, their special assistance team has been very helpful. Travelling with your own familiar scooter is so much better and cheaper than trying to hire one, we’ve had problems in the past with poor service and inappropriate products. Virgin Atlantic are always very supportive and I will be able to use my scooter independently throughout airport transit at Heathrow and Los Angeles. A far more pleasant travelling experience.”

Carolyn’s husband Brian concludes: “We recently took our new Zest Plus on holiday to the Peak District and visited Bakewell and Buxton. We’ve also been to the Yorkshire Dales and Carolyn has driven her scooter around Barnard Castle. There have been several times when we have encountered steep hills and cobbled streets and our friends have said ‘your scooter will never get up there’ and it has proven them wrong every time - it just keeps purring away! The Zest Plus has got a nice punch to its performance and with solid tyres we have no puncture worries. With its first trip oversees we plan to photo-diarize our experiences with the Zest Plus so more people and understand how easy it is to travel further afield with a TGA scooter.”

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Carolyn proudly driving her new TGA Zest Plus on the Ickworth House estate, Suffolk.