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Breeze S4: the logical step after driving

29th May, 2020

The transition from car to scooter may not be as big as you think…


For a car driver, passing a driving test is one of life’s milestones that conjure up feelings of freedom and independence. It is, for many, the first taste of independence.

When driving becomes unsafe or more difficult, it is these feelings that can prevent hanging up the car keys for good at the right and safe time.

However, independence shouldn’t have to stop after driving a car. With many of us being encouraged to use less fuel and to avoid public transport when possible, scooter ownership is becoming a popular method of nipping into town for day-to-day travel. 

Following three eye operations and a heart bypass, photography enthusiast Reith King looked to swap his mode of transport to a Breeze S4 – despite the DVLA giving him the all-clear to keep driving his car. 

“Now I do not use my car. My scooter is my independence, taking me to the harbour four miles away,” he said.

"I have subsequently discovered a friend of mine has completed over 4,000 miles on his Breeze. He has arthritis and swears by his scooter for reliable independence. I have travelled 200 miles on mine so far but plan to go much further. Being able to continue with my photography is one of the top ten reasons I have for owning a scooter."

The natural decline in mileage in his car over the years was the reason for fellow Breeze S4 owner Stan Robinson to also make the move to scooter ownership. 

“It really didn’t make sense for me to continue driving a car as I was doing less than 5,000 miles a year,” he said. “We can go out in my wife’s small car if needed [but] the joy of driving my scooter is far more liberating.”

And the transition may not be as big as you may think. The Breeze S4 is the largest of the TGA range and features a powerful front LED light, mirrors, USB sockets, cup holders and a front and rear lockable box as standard. It can also come with a solid or all-weather canopy, wider seat and wider tyres.

"My scooter has already made a big difference to my life,” Leonard Pardew adds. “I was attracted to the Breeze in the first place as it does not look like a scooter, it’s more like a little car – even more so with a canopy. It’s so comfortable to ride and sturdy when driving – I discovered this as soon as I started my test drive.” 


Which scooter is right for me?

At a crossroads? Here are our top options based on car transition. However, it is always best to arrange a product demonstration and test drive to ensure you get what is best for your needs. 


Breeze S3 and Breeze S4:

Range: 30 miles

User weight: 31 stone

Three and four-wheel options with large, pneumatic tyres, full suspension and comfortable seat. The Breeze includes USB ports and cup holders for added convenience. 


Vita E:

Range: 28 miles

User weight: 23.5 stone

Full suspension, alloy wheels, pneumatic tyres and cup holders are features of the striking Vita E.


Breeze Midi 4:

Range: 20 miles

User weight: 20 stone

Here you have the comfort of a larger scooter in a more compact frame. Full suspension, pneumatic tyres and a rear lockable box as standard.


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