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Breeze S4 "more priceless now than ever before" for 83-year-old

2nd June, 2020

Stan Robinson is able to access the seafront with confidence once again thanks to his ‘priceless’ Breeze S4.

An avid motorsport fan, Stan competed in numerous rallies, hill climbs and sprints between 1961 and 1971 at circuits such as Brands Hatch and Goodwood before becoming a part-time Jaguar mechanic alongside his regular job as a draughtsman.

But after he sold his own Jaguar, Stan needed to remain independent to access the off-road terrain near his home. “It really didn’t make sense for me to continue driving a car as I was doing less than 2,000 miles a year,” he said. “Before owning my Breeze, I rebuilt several old scooters over a four-year period. One scooter was stored in a chicken coup, one covered in dung and one product blew up – all of which I fixed or sold for parts. This gave me a good understanding of them and what to look out for. I tried various models, but the Breeze was so much better, like a Rolls-Royce compared to the others. Sitting on it gave an immediate feeling of comfort and power.”

“My main problem is severe arthritis in both legs which limits my mobility,” he adds. “As a tall chap at 6’4”, I needed a large and fully adjustable scooter. I think I’ve had nine scooters, however my S4 is by far the best. I’ve had 85ah batteries fitted which on a hot day gives me 40-plus miles on one charge.”

“It has transformed our lives,” he says. “My wife can go out and do what she wants, and I can go off independently without help or her worrying about me. Or we can go out together. I feel so sorry for couples where the partner has to drive their spouse everywhere.”

Stan’s Breeze S4 has become even more vital during lockdown as he is still able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air whilst social distancing on his riverbank – an area he is able to ‘open up the throttle’.

“The Breeze gives me the ability to adventure off-road and drive to the coast with confidence,” he said. “Now once more, my 13-year-old granddaughter can ride her bike alongside me – she said the scooter is ‘cool’.”

“We live right next to the river Stour with direct access to a delightful riverside 20-acre meadow – making my TGA scooter more priceless now than ever before. To access the meadow, I have to drive up a very steep flood bank, leaning well forward with no chance of a run at it. I’ve never got stuck on my Breeze and never felt like I’m going to tip over. My other scooters couldn’t cope and one went over backwards tipping me off.”

“Once at the top I’m free to travel for miles,” he concludes. “We can go out in my wife’s small car if needed but the fun of driving my scooter anywhere there’s a path or track is far more liberating.”