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Breeze 3 - Guinness World record! - Keith Matthews

7th August, 2008

60 year old Keith Matthews has recently finished his amazing 'grand tour' of England on TGA's incredible 8mph Breeze 3 scooter, and has gone into the Guinness Book of Records. His 28 day journey took him 1312 miles around England.

His journey was very eventful, Keith and his team had to show real determination when one of the major supermarkets who had previously agreed to recharge his batteries overnight during his challenge did not come up with the goods. (Fortunately Asda stepped in and were wonderful to Keith). Keith persevered and now finds himself and the Breeze in the Guinness Book of Records and on the BBC.

HRH Prince Phillip decided to meet Keith on TGA's stand at the Donnington Roadshow and showed great interest in Keith's journey. Keith was delighted to finish an incredible fundraising career on such a high.

"I've been on lots of scooters in my life and nothing comes close to the comfort of Breeze. The challenge was really hard work at times but I can't stress enough the quality of the scooter. I have been so impressed with the distance it went and the reliability and I am sure TGA will do well with it. It stood up to a very tough time with me on it for about 12 hours everyday", says Keith. "The number of people who asked for the suppliers name was incredible. They seemed to like it because it doesn't look like a disability product."

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