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BBC Rogue Traders - TGA completely opposes high pressure selling

11th June, 2010

BBC Rogue Traders was really interesting viewing on Thursday 10th June. If you missed it, presenter Matt Allwright and the Rogue Traders team highlighted the deplorable high pressure selling techniques of a mobility product company called Virgo Healthcare based in Long Eaton, Nottingham.

Here at TGA we have been reputably trading for over 25 years and are renowned for caring for our customers. We were absolutely appalled with Virgo Healthcare sales representatives targeting very vulnerable elderly and disabled people with high-pressure techniques with one single, selfish aim - to rip them off. Customers with disabilities were even mimicked which is really shocking. TGA would never do this. We are obviously in business to make a profit but only offer potential customers totally transparent prices that are easy to understand right from the start. Virgo Healthcare's policy of initially presenting massively inflated costs was ridiculous and unfortunately is quite common which is an approach TGA completely disagrees with.

It is a shame companies like Virgo Healthcare give our industry a bad name as they show no empathy to their customers, can so frequently disappear overnight and may offer no after sales support. They only want to make as much money as possible without any care or consideration for their target market.

We have spent the last 25 years supplying and servicing only quality mobility scooters and are always focused on listening to the needs of the individual. The hundreds of thank you letters we receive from our customers is clear testament to the difference our quality products make to peoples' lives and the caring support we offer. As a TGA customer, you will know that we will still be here tomorrow and that we are not just a one hit wonder.

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