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Back in the studio: Georgina's blog

23rd April, 2021

How time is flying, end of April here we are! Unfortunately, last month I was unable to do a blog, but it was for a good reason: I had had my first dose of the covid vaccine which is exciting but I got pretty much every side effect listed and it made me very unwell for a while. The positive of it is not only did I face my needle phobia but there’s also a level of protection in me now which is worth going through all the side effects for. In March 2020, I had my first case of covid and in March 2021 I was back in the studio having a photoshoot with the first dose of the covid vaccine in my system. Now that feels like progress to me. In just a year, we’ve been through a lot both personally and collectively. I’m still feeling the post-viral effects from having covid but we are fighting back. Thousands have now been vaccinated and lockdown is lifting one step at a time. We are heading towards some form of normality in our lives once again. We are doing this together and I for one, am loving this reflection of just how much difference one year on can make.

Under the new covid rules, photoshoots are allowed to go ahead for work purposes and as its part of my job with Zebedee Talent, I got to go into a studio and shoot for the first time in what seems like ages. This news was brilliant and exciting. I can finally do something that I love to do, that I’ve missed so much. I feel very fortunate I got to do this shoot which will also update my portfolio which was very much needed. Not only have I changed in looks with new hair and confidence, (my mum is a hairdresser, I haven’t broken any lockdown rules), but I also needed photos in my WHILL. I’ve only done one professional shoot since getting it and I for one, did not think that was enough to showcase the beauty that my Model C.

Georgina Wasdall in a photoshoot on her TGA WHILL Model C

One of the criteria when I was looking for my new chair was it had to fit my style and look good in front of the camera. The WHILL ticked that box tenfold. I immediately fell in love with the whole look and feel of the chair, I love that it now gets its time in front of the camera. My mum said and I quote, “your chair isn’t what stands out, we see you. Your chair is an accessory, an extension of you and you can see how comfortable you are in your chair, it comes through in such confidence”. When I tried other powerchairs prior to the WHILL I felt so small and lost, it just undid all the work I spent building up my confidence in a chair. It was certainly the complete opposite feeling when I sat in the WHILL, it helped boost my confidence and I hope that comes across in the images which I cannot wait to see!

Georgina Wasdall in a photoshoot on her TGA WHILL Model C

I had wanted to work with this photographer for quite a while as her work is just stunning. I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity to work with her along with a lovely makeup artist. Mum was on hair and my younger sister was there as not only my support but as my stylist too. We’re a little team and it was just wonderful – I’ve definitely missed this environment. What was really lovely too is how much both the photographer and makeup artist loved the WHILL as well. They complimented its design, its look and its speed. To get into the studio there was a ramp and a bit of a tough lip in the doorframe. I had seen another electric chair struggle to get up over it and into the studio, they ended up needing a few hands to get the chair in but amazingly, my WHILL had no problem. During the shoot we were able to make most of the WHILL app as well. This shocked the photographer and makeup artist when we were able to move the chair, with and without me in it, in and out of the shots with my sister controlling it. This chair never stops surprising me! It made light work of entering and then again at the steep ramp to the dressing room. I have full faith and confidence in my chair’s ability, whatever it seems to face so far, it has been able to do it which is absolutely brilliant. It mixes style with ability harmoniously.

I can tell that lockdown is beginning to lift as things seem to be getting busier with my agency which is just fantastic. Another reason why I got a powerchair was to open doors and independence for me within acting and other jobs. Fingers crossed I get to put it to more use! So, here’s to April and the start of spring, a whole new chapter of the year. I hope you all have a beautiful remainder of the month. Let’s see what it brings!