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Accessible fishing with a folding Maximo mobility scooter: a Q&A with owner Ross Minton

20th September, 2018

TGA caught up with blogger Ross Minton to discover just how his folding Maximo from TGA has enabled him to continue his passion for fishing, and what advice he has for other fishermen with restricted mobility... 

Hi Ross, when did you start fishing?

I started fishing at the age of 14, an old school friend got me into it and I was immediately hooked! Pardon the pun. My first ever fish was a 2lb roach.

What do you fish and what kit do you have?

I mainly fish estate lakes, think Capability Brown designed water and the River Severn in Shropshire. I have so much kit, probably too much, but I love my Korum Chair, they are just so comfortable and perfect for anyone like me who has back pain. 9 times out of 10 I use a 1.5tc Rod and my Shimano Oceanic Baitrunner Reels are my pride and joy. It is really surprising how much equipment I can carry on my Maximo.

Why is the Maximo ideal for fishermen?

The TGA Maximo is amazing because of the terrain it can cover. Most fishing venues are relatively accessible but the further you get from the car park, the harder the paths become to negotiate. This doesn’t matter with the Maximo as it will go through mud, long grass and over uneven tree roots and stones with no problem – it’s the active suspension that makes the difference. However, what is really great is the fact you get a scooter with off-road capabilities yet it still fits in the car. I think most keen anglers own a SUV or estate-type car so the size of the Maximo will be perfect!

What ‘swims’ do you fish and what/why are locations your favourite?

I love being as far away from the car park as possible, my TGA Maximo allows me to do this. I feel at my happiest out in nature and have often found the further you can travel down the river or around a pool the more wildlife you get to see. My favourite swims though are at the National Trust’s Dudmaston Hall, run by the angling club Kinver Freeliners. It’s called "The Point" as it pokes out into the lake opposite a 17th Century boathouse. The fishing there isn't bad either – my best afternoon is 15 tench weighing between 4lb and 6lb. 

Any advice for fishermen living with restricted mobility?

All anglers have a habit of taking too much tackle so I would honestly suggest going ‘light’ – one rod and a few bit and bobs. Try and leave the kitchen sink at home! Firstly, this gives you the chance to get to know your venues limitations. The way you once walked 10 years ago may not be the best way to take a scooter. There might be a gate to manoeuvre or a few brambles to negotiate, so having bags and bags of tackle will only end up annoying you. But the best bit of advice is to enjoy the independence on the right scooter such as a Maximo, fishing shouldn't just be about catching fish. It may sound strange but just being outside and free to explore on my Maximo can be more important. Add to this the sport of pitting your wits against a fish and you have a perfect day in the Great Outdoors.

What is the biggest fish you have caught?

I don't really target the biggest species in the UK. If you want big fish in the UK its catfish, carp and pike. I fish the Middle Severn for barbel and my biggest is 10lb which is a nice fish from the area and my biggest tench is 6lb 5oz from Dudmaston.

Do you plan to fish any different swims in the future?

Yes, I have one venue in mind that I'm itching to get my Maximo scooter around. There is a big reservoir near me where monster tench and pike live. The expanse of water is so huge it would take me a lifetime to walk round so the Maximo is really going to help me explore and fish from wherever I choose.

Scooter insight: The Maximo

The TGA Maximo is a mid-range, transportable scooter allows Ross to access his favourite fishing ‘swims’ on the river bank without the worry of walking difficulties. With its active suspension, pneumatic tyres and robust yet stylish design, the Maximo has off-road capabilities and assured stability – the ideal car boot scooter for accessible fishing.

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